H Co, 2/26 Vietnam

H Company, 2nd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment (Vietnam) held a reunion in Arlington, Virginia, August 31st – September 6th, 2015. We held a Memorial Service at the Iwo Jima Memorial for the 74 Marines and Corpsmen we lost during our time in Vietnam. Our guest speaker was Rear Admiral Brent Scott CHC, USN, Chaplain of the Marine Corps. Our Invocation was given by Commander Stephen Coates CHC, USN, Assistant Deputy Chaplain of the Marine Corps. read more

Should Be With A Marine

SGT. Grit,

Can someone identify the following coin?

1-1/2" diameter, 1/8" thick, smooth thin edge, rope type fluting on
both flat edges.

Top Side has a Gold Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on a red background,
1-1/8", surrounded by a black ring with United States (from 10 to 2
positions), Marine Corps (from 8 to 4 positions) with a star at 3
and 9 positions in gold. read more

Just thought I’d send this one for your album

My name is George Diehl. At the time of this photo, I was a Corporal and a squad leader…Battery I, 14th Marines, 4th Division. The picture was taken in 1982 at the Mountain Warfare School…located at that time in Pickle Meadows, California. I am the Marine standing near the tree with the sh*t eatin' grin on my face. We had just run our asses off at about 8,000 feet elevation read more

I felt I should send this to you for your BS page

In the 11 years that I have been in our beloved Corps, I have never served with a better crew. These Devil Dogs went to CAX with only a notion of what a real machinegunner could do. While we were there, each of these marines performed admirably leaving behind their foolish notions and taking with them a found purpose. I could never imagine serving with a better group of men. read more

Red Patch Marines

Unfortunately, I had to relinquish my command prior to their "Call to Glory". Nonetheless, I feel very much a part of this fine group of men and their families and wish to share their past and present with you and your readers.

A Company, 4th LSB, Seattle, WA Desert Storm.
A Company / H&S Company, 4th Landing Support Battalion, 4th FSSG, 4th Marine Division, Seattle, Washington, read more