91 And Doing Quite Well

I met a 90 year old Marine vet who landed on Tarawa on the 2nd day, and after a short time he was hit and spent 11 months in the hospital. I really hit it off with him and his wife. I have been a scale model builder all my life. I made a diorama of an LVT landing on a beach with about 12 Marines around it. I built a base, painted it and my wife poured sand in there in layers spraying glue as she went to keep it down. I have attached 4 pictures of it. Do you think the guys that read the newsletter would find it interesting? Dave, the Marine is now 91 by the way and doing quite well. The story is about him and not my crazy model that I built with the help of my drill instructor (my wife that is). read more

The Emblem

Thank you for your interest in my emblem. I have always been gung ho for The Corps with clothes, covers, flags and all. I know that I am Marine all the way. My wife and I went on vacation and a friend was going to redo my sunroom floor. Well he got together with my wife about my service and decided to do this to surprise me. Wonderful surprise. It's not painted. He used colored cement and did a beautiful job. I was in Vietnam in '66/'67 and received two Purple Hearts, and on good days I get things done and on bad days I am 100% disabled. I thank God that I am in as good a shape as I am. God, Country, Corps! With PTSD I really put my wife thru h-ll but she loves me and saw me thru it for 46 years. God could not have given me a better wife. It took 40 years to get the VA to accept a claim and then they only went back to my last claim submission. Forget about the last 40 years of pain and Drs. and confusion. But as I said, God gave me my wife who has kept me up and going. Thru it all we have adapted and overcame. Semper Fi. read more

Camp Napunja, Okinawa

In your most recent Newsletter, Barry Farris commented on the blank stares that he receives when he mentions that he was stationed at Camp Napunja, Okinawa in 1956.  I also have had the same problem when I say that I was at Camp Napunja in 1956 with the 3rd. Bn. 9th. Marines, after leaving Camp Okabu, japan, more blank stares.  Napunja was still under construction when we hit the beach and was pretty much the way Farris describes it.  I'm proud to say that our 3rd. Bn. included Col. Archie VanWinkle, Medal of Honor, then Weapons Company Comander and Col. Joe "Bull" Fisher, "Operation Starlite", then George Company Comander.  After 80 years of life it's good to hear from someone else who was there.  Semper Fi. read more

Cpl Chuck Lindberg

Attached are pictures of a Memorial for Cpl. Chuck Lindberg at the American Legion Post in Richfield Minnesota.

Most of us know that Chuck was part of a combat patrol that climbed Mount Surbachi and raised the first of two U.S. flags on the summit during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. He was the last surviving member of both of the Mount Suribachi flag raising events on Feb. 23rd, 1945. It took forever for people to believe he was on the team that raised the first flag. Now the World knows the rest of the story. read more