Honor Quilt made for USMC Vietnam Veteran

Hello Sgt. Grit,

I wanted to share some photos of an Honor Quilt that I made for USMC Major Woodrow Franklin (Retired).

His family decided to surprise him with the quilt while he was at a regular Police Reserves monthly meeting. The Chief was in on the surprise presentation and we all had a wonderful time honoring Woody for his service to his country, faithfulness to his family and selfless hours devoted to serving his community! read more

Marine Corps Quilt

Hi ?

You said to email you the pictures of the Marines quilt I was making for my son?s (Chris L. Heady) birthday Oct.26th and it will also be for Veterans Day as well- I am so proud of his service in the Desert Storm conflict- His wife could not find his patches and they were on his shorts so I ordered 4 new ones to put in the outside corners of this quilt and they have not arrived- once it is finished, I will send you pictures of the completed one- read more

Soldier’s Quilt

 Dear Sgt. Grit, One of the most unique quilts that was made to Honor you all was not entered into the quilt show because of it's size and the fact that it could not travel.

The ladies of The Old Time Quilt be created a quilt with 112 actual photos of Soldier's Past and Present, measures 112 by 72 inches. The photos are the reason that the quilt can not travel. But I thought that you might want a photo of it to show that there are actually folks who are thinking about all Soldiers and want to show how proud we are of you and to Honor you with a tribute of such grandure. read more

Wood Craft Gifts


I live in a retirement community which is also home to several Marines – WWI Guadalcanal, Chosen Reservoir, the Cold War and Viet Nam. A couple years ago I made myself an EGA from American black walnut and got a few comments from the vets. So I set to work making one for each and every one of them, plus a few for my fellow-Marines with whom I served in the 1950's. Thought you might like to see what they look like. Keep up the good work of keeping us "old" Corps guys informed and in touch. Semper Fi! read more



I have been going high and low looking for a quilt pattern for a retired USMC vet. I could not find a thing so I made my own appliqu? pattern and placed it on a vest. I thought some of your patrons might be interested in it. It only took me two days, but I work dusk to dawn when I get this kind of feeling about a project. Tell me what you think. read more

USMC Poster in France

My daughter and son-in-law were on a business trip to France. While in Paris, they toured the Napoleon burial site and the war museum (Musee deI'Armee). One of the World War 1 displays was this USMC poster. I have never seen it before and thought all of us old (but not that old) USMC vets would like to see that the Corps is still fondly remembered in France. read more

Metal USMC Poster

Sgt. Grit and all other fellow Marines and family members,

My wife and I purchased this awhile back at an estate auction. I got into a bidding war with one person when it came down to it. Guess he didn't know he was dealing with two former U.S. Marines that never give up when they want something. Especially something like this. It is the heavy guage metal and is in really good shape considering. Maybe someone out there will recognize the Marine in the picture and the two other men with dreams of becoming one of us. read more

Copper EGA I made in honor of son’s graduation

I am enclosing a copper EGA I made in honor of my son who is graduating from Parris Island on Oct 16TH, 2009.. Being a Marine from 1969 to 1970, I could not think of a better way to express how proud I am of him then making this EGA which He has earned 40 years after I did.. There will always be the bond of going through Parris Island that only the few and proud share and that is one thing I will always share with my son. read more