Beirut Circa 1982-1983

Attached are three more photos circa 1982-83. The top photo is one of (left to right) Narvel Don Hesson, me, and Tim Wheeler getting ready to link up to one of the “Rock” squads for an evening patrol. “Rocks or Rock-heads” is the slang term that we slapped on the 0311s and was used by the 0331s, 0341s and 0351s. read more

Funny Side Bar Story

Here are two photos from Beirut circa 1982-83. The top photo is of me standing on the perimeter road down by the airport and the Sh-t River in an area we referred to as The Swamp. 2/8 had set up a series of sandbag bunkers along this road before we relieved them and we would man the bunkers and patrol the road, probably as they had before us. read more

Cold Weather Operation

Here are a few pictures from the Med float we did in the 1984. We (Lima 3/8) did a joint operation with the Norwegian Home Guard before we landed back in Beirut to relieve 2/8. It was a cold-weather operation so to prepare us for the operation we went up to Camp Ripley Minnesota. And let me tell you it was cold as a witch’s… read more

Beirut, Circa March 1983

Here are three more photos from Beirut, circa March 1983. As is typical with my photos there is a story with each of them. The top two pictures are of a dog that we rescued and one of my buddies, the late Narvel Don Hessen, while we were digging out one of our machine gun bunkers up at the American University. Did I get that correct MSgt. Chuck Outman – can I call it a bunker or is it a gun emplacement? read more

Some Other Marine’s Trophy Case

Here is another photo I found from my Beirut collection. One night on patrol I found this 9mm sub-machine gun and it was in perfect condition. I know it was stupid, (all of you reading this are cringing) but I picked it up. We found it off to the side of one of the streets in one of the small local business districts. read more

Root Vets

Attached are four pictures from my first tour in Beirut in 1983. The top left photo is a pic of me and my best buddy Tim Wheeler from Portsmouth Ohio. We are getting ready to go out on patrol. Tim is on the right of the photo with the M60. The photo was taken on the second floor of what I call the American University, but not sure if that is correct as another Marine a few years ago who is also a Root Vet had another name for the structure when he replied to a previous post to Sgt. Grit. read more

Carnage In Beirut

Sgt Grit and staff were recently visited by Purple Heart recipient Sgt Armando Ybarra. Sgt Ybarra was injured in the 23 October 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. During his rescue from the wreckage of the barracks a photo was taken that made its way on the cover of TIME magazines October 31, 1983 issue. read more

24 MAU in Beirut

I was hoping to catch up with some of my fellow Marine's that I spent a part of my life with that I'll never forget! Fom a working port in Hifia, to the train ride to Tel Aviv, then Jerusalem. Then of course the no duty store for the ride back with Johnny Walker. We did have fun, but it never took the true pain away! Making Grape hooch down in the well deck of the USS Nassau (Being a Marine I never thought I'd say she was a GOOD ship). Never did we forget the REAL reason we were there! God bless our Hero's that gave all! And are still giving!     read more

My Time

I was a Field Radio Operator with 1/8 (May – Oct '83). As I have read in many of the postings, just about everyone has some good and bad memories. Same goes for me. I was a pretty quiet guy, kept to myself, read books, drew a lot of pictures, and just kind of took it all in. I did my job, never really spent a lot of time goofing off and basically tried to just stay in one piece. When I returned home and recovered from my injuries, I ended up getting out of the Corps and basically just put it all behind me to try and get back into civilian life. read more