My Favorite Hat

So I bought this hat when It was first released, and it quickly became the only hat I will wear. Even in the dead of Illinois winters I had this baby on. My wife gives me a hard time about wearing it all the time but it doesn’t stop me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and they ask me where I got it so I give them the info. I think it might be time for a new one, at least one that looks good to wear to church. ? read more

The Old Breed

These are pictures of my El Camino in our local parade. Got the emblems from you. Last week I had a 50 cal. machine gun mounted on the front fender. At a gun show last week a Marine
from Calif. had to have it, so I sold it to him. Wish he could have waited l week. I am in the lst MAR AIRWING and the Old Breed. read more

Feeling Of Shame

My friend Wayne and myself enlisted in the Corp in mid Aug 1970.  I was born with a partial paralysis of my left foot but played football baseball and was above average in sports.  When we took the physical to get in notes and discussions were made and was decided that I was physically fit.  After arriving at Parris Island on the second day had another physical As we all did.  Was picked up a couple of days later by our D.I.'s after a week maybe, had to go see a Navy orthopaedic doc who suggested I may not be fit for duty. read more

Sgt Grit Family Christmas Photos

The Barber family decided to make their family Christmas photos extra special. Their oldest son Tajh enlisted in the delayed entry program this year, and is scheduled to depart for Boot Camp in the Summer of 2016. For their family photos they chose to wear Sgt Grit's 2015 Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve T-shirts. The family is wearing red shirts and Tajh is wearing the white shirt. read more