Early Pictures of his 2026 Marines

Sgt. Grit,

I sent out this message and pictures to all my friends. Since the outfits and accessories come from your shop, I thought you'd like to see a couple of future Marines.
Jim Hill
Captain, US Marine Corps

 I may be "Old Corps" but I'm the happy Che (Navajo for "grandfather") of 4 month twin grandboys, whose father, Mike, and their Mom, my daughter Stephanie, have promised me that they can consider joining the U.S. Marine Corps when they get out of college. In return for that consideration, I'm even agreeable to help pay their way through college, just so I can have Marine grandboys! Anyway, here are some early pictures of my 2026 Marines. read more

Great Catalog Picture

Sgt Grit,

On the way to this years Marine Corps Ball, this retired devil dog stopped to check his mail. How wonderful it was when he received his favorite catalog. Dress blues are very appropriate when receiving a SGT GRIT catalog. This photo was neither fixed or set up in any way. I thought it would be a great shot of my best friend, MSgt Joe Diaz, USMC, retired, checking his mailbox in his dress blues. It was a lucky shot. A great start to great ball. read more

SSgt Moreno’s car decals

SSgt Moreno’s car decals

SGT Grit,

Just to let you know that I received my latest order of the USMC see through decal and the Fallen Marine decals. Again, I thank you so much for the service that you provide..

As you can see by the attached photos of my vehicle, I have proudly attached them to it and I have received a lot of compliments from former Marines. I have had Marines come from behind me as I am driving down the streets and they honk their horn and let me know by giving me the sign of victory and a thumbs up! That really makes my day. read more

Chucks and Dog Tags

Our son waiting on the safe return of his father June 5th, 2005

I just wanted to send in a picture of our son this past weekend from his father's homecoming at MCAS Miramar. He was all decked out in his "Chucks" (charlies) like daddy's. And daddy was sure glad to see his "little marine"! My husband, Ssgt Christopher Cobb was with the 15th MEU(HMM-165 REIN MALS-16 DET) aboard the USS Bonhomme-Richard on a 6 month deployment. They were a part of Operation Unified Assistance and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Needless to say both father and son were joined once again, ohhhh and mommy too 🙂 He is 11 months old. P.S we got the dog tags from www.grunt.com for the outfit too!!! read more

Malia in Rocking Chair

Malia in Rocking Chair

This is a video of my granddaughter Malia on the Marine rocking chair I bought from you for her first birthday. It is precious and I wanted to share it with you to tell you what a joy it is to her. I?m so happy I found it on your gift site! Daddy is Sgt Patrick Hammer and Mommy Danica Hammer stationed in Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. read more