Sgt Grit Polo shirts on Iwo Jima

I wanted to share a photo of Sgt Grit Iwo Jima Polo shirts. We wore these on a recent visit to Iwo JIma. My father fought there for 18 days. He was assigned to Charlie company, 1st Battalion, 28th Regiment , 5th Division. We were there courtesy of Dick Portillo of the Portillo Restaurant Group. My father was in the book Flags of Our Fathers. His name is William Faulkner.

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Marine Gear

Marine Gear

Marine holding/wearing a Sgt Grit Apron Set Marine displaying Sgt Grit BBQ set

Dear Sgt.Grit,

Greetings! On 21 Nov.2009 I placed an order with you consisting of a 8 piece BBQ set, & an apron set to be shipped to the Marine Security Guard Detachment, Wellington,New Zealand.

I am pleased to report that the Post Commander,[in my day,N.C.O.I.C.] informed me upon meeting him in late December,2009, both items arrived in good order on 23 December 2009.Interestingly,my birthday.

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Look at the Grandkids!!! Clothes by Sgt Grit

Look at the Grandkids!!! Clothes by Sgt Grit 🙂

Dear Sgt. Grit…

Just wanted to share a picture that we had taken for my retired marine dad of his grandkids all outfitted in “Marine Wear” from your catalog. This picture has brought so much pleasure to dad…he is a Viet Nam Vet with the First Marine Division. He was wounded in Da Nang and was honorably discharged in 1968. This tough 57 year old marine has gone through so much in the past 3 years…4 heart attacks, quadruple bypass surgery and a kidney transplant just 2 weeks ago (my amazing sister was the donor!!)

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Our 2 Year Old

Dear Sgt. Grit:

My husband and I (both being former Marines) enjoy your website very much! And we have high hopes for our 2 year old son and our soon to be born son (due in July) to become Marines also.

Well, being proud parents we are always taking candid snap shots of our little guy. When we got this roll of film developed we were pleasantly surprised to find this picture in here. It was so cute we just had to share it with you and your staff. (Also it's a great advertisement for the Corps) (*And your merchandise*) Again, we really enjoy your website and all the products you offer! Thanks!

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