Saipan And Okinawa

Those of us who attended the birthday luncheon this week got to meet Adam Pizzutti who I met on the Honor Flight in May. Some of us took him to lunch later and invited him to this year's birthday lunch.

Yesterday I received three photos of him taken during WWII aboard ship and in Japan. The photos were accompanied with this note: read more

Oldest And Youngest Marine

On 10 November 2015, Sgt Grit presented KA-BARs to the oldest and youngest Marine present at our Marine Corps Birthday event. The oldest Marine was MSgt. William Sherry who is 88 and served from 1945 to 1975. The youngest Marine was LCpl Greg Ufford who is 35 and served from 2001 to 2004. Semper Fi Marines! read more

Semper Fidelis Marines

Happy Birthday to all of you Marines out there. Especially our former Corpsman, and more Marine than Most… Doc Erasmos Riojas a beloved "Doc" in Korea and now Navy SEAL ret'd, also to the Members of the 49th Marines (all those living above the 49th Parallel). This video is available for your viewing pleasure men. Enjoy and Semper Fidelis Marines… Hand Salute to ALL of our veterans and allied veterans… read more

191st Marine Corps Birthday

I came across a photo taken on the 191st Marine Corps Birthday, November 10, 1966 at the 1st Marine Regiment HQ compound about 10 miles southwest of DaNang. It has Col. Radics, front left and Lt Gen Nickerson, front right. I am on rear left and Cpl Rodriguez is in rear right. We were both assigned to S-2. I am also enclosing the menu. read more