Navajo Code Talker

What a wonderful 239th Marine Corps birthday event:

This morning I met and conversed with an ultimate WWII Marine Corps Pacific War veteran, Navajo Code Talker SAMUEL HOLIDAY!

This Marine was at the American Legion Post in Wickenburg, AZ, promoting his book, "Under The Eagle". My wife Shirley and I spoke for some time with 90 year old Samuel and his daughter, Lupita. Lord, he seemed to be wearing as many ribbons as Col. Puller!

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Cookie’s Tavern

Every year on Nov 10th there is a huge Marine Corps B-Day celebration in Philadelphia and they close off a major street and about a thousand Marines show up. It last all day at a Marine owned bar called Cookie's Tavern. Guys come from all over. Joe Curry was a Captain in the NJ State Police and is my neighbor, and this is me with his wife a couple years ago. I have now lost 129 lbs so I looked much younger and skinnier now. The other picture is me and my buddy from high school talking on the blocked off street. His name is Wayne Parker, and he buys stuff from you guys too. I love the spinning EGA's but I can't figure out how to do it.

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Being The Oldest Marine

I served from June of 1956 through September 1959. I had the distinct pleasure of serving directly for Commandant General Randolph McCall Pate. My office was directly across from the Commandant's and four doors down from the first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Wilbur Bestwick. I have an album that contains many pictures, letters, and Christmas cards from Generals, Colonels, etc. What a duty for a Corporal! I would have reenlisted and been a career Marine, but unfortunately my wife and I had a son that the good Lord decided to take home two days after his birth 28 days before my discharge date.

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Marine Corps Birthday Party

My daughter and her fiance at the Marine Corps Birthday Party in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Hi Dad, believe me, we learned all about the Marine Corps on Saturday at the ball! I realized I had never been to one with you, Dad! You will have to come to Addis next year for the party here. It was quite the production. 

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