Life Changing Event

I am a former SGT/USMC and spent 8 years on Active Duty. I deployed for OEF and OIF. I came back home with issues that were not always visible. My life was coming to abrupt end if it was not for this one organization I found. I wanted to make you aware of an organization that has changed my life completely. Dogs 4 Warriors, Inc has provided me with a life-changing Service Dog to assist with combating my PTSD, for free. My Service-Dog Samson mitigates all the symptoms of PTSD and comforts me when I am in an unfamilar environment. Dogs 4 Warriors has paired 55 Service Dogs with Disabled Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI within the past 2 years. D4W can not continue to do these life changing things without the support of organizations around the country. Please take a few minutes to check out their website at and read my, and other Veterans, testimonials. I have also attached a brochure that includes a bit more detailed information. I have loved your magazines for years. While I do not have the funds to order much I do enjoy looking through them all. Thank you again for all you do to support the USMC and veterans world-wide. read more

His Turn To Carry On The Tradition

This past Friday my son Hunter Vigil graduated from Parris Island. Pictured is me on the left, my son and my dad Wayne Vigil Sr. My dad served our Corps '71-'75, I served '91-'95 and now it's his turn to carry on the tradition. I wish him luck in all his endeavors the Corps presents him with. Too proud of a Papa to keep it to myself. read more