Grandson of a Marine

Grandaughter of a Marine

Just felt like braggin' a little this evening. The guy in the pictures is our nine year old great-grandson, Ty Palmer, who lives in Edwardsville, IL. He wanted to see my uniform so I got it for him. The garrison cap is non-reg because the EGA for it is lost. This one belongs on the old barracks cap which is non-existant. It's a wee bit large. He's pretty well squared away except for the need of a haircut. read more

Jarhead Pup

Sgt Grit;

Just wanted to share a photo of my devil dog. His name is 'Jarhead', and he's earned the name. He's currently an E-3, but that's after spending at least 6 months as a boot and being busted at least three times. He comes by his monicer and behavior honestly – he's in a proud Marine Corps family: My father was a Marine before WWII (Pvt Harold Somers), my brother retired after 23 years (MSgt Mike Williams), I did my 4 years, my son served his 4 (LCpl Peter Williams – part with the first outbreak of hostilities in Iraq with the 2/10), and my daughter was a Corpsman (HM3 Mallory Williams). We bleed crimsom and gold. Love your newsletter and eagerly await every issue. Let's see some other "Devil-Pets" and/or mascots – would also like to see some Marine Corps motorcycles. read more

Devil Pup Picture

Dear Sgt. Grit,

I was just browsing through your Marine Scuttlebutt pages and saw that you had a section for Devil Pups. I am a former Marine and actually about to go back in after being out for 3 years. Once a Marine, Always a Marine, right? Guess I didn't get enough the first time around….Anyhow this picture was taking when my daughter was about 2 years old one evening after the rifle range–she's 6 now and still tells me that she's gonna be a Marine one day. If you wouldn't mind posting her picture in that Devil Pup section that would so rock, she is such a ham for the camera. read more

My Devil Pup

Sgt Grit,

Hi I have loved your newsletters and website. Ever sinec I left the Corps almost a year ago I have wanted nothing more than to get back in (I am unable due to a medical seperation). I wanted to share a story with you. On June 2, I had a beautiful little girl. I was extremely nervous since I was a tomboy growing up. Since she was born my fears have been calmed. She loves to "play" rough and wrestle with her puppy. She is my little devil pup. Both of her parents are Marines and it shows its in her blood. Her favorite blanket is a Marine Corps Blanket my gramma gave me for my graduation. She sleeps with it every night. And recently she has started growling…I find it hilarious. read more