Midnight Radio Watch

This picture was taken in the field in Italy near Naples January 86.

Pictured left to right are Cpl Bob"Mannix" Maniscalco, Cpl Carlos "Little Juan" Torres, LCpl Steve "Shit Kicker" Tuey, and me Cpl Howard Cooper.

It was certainly cold that night. Our taxi, the Guadalcanal (LPH-7) was docked in Naples. Soon after this picture was taken we got the news the Challenger had exploded during liftoff. It's like do you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot, when Elvis died, when the Berlin Wall fell, and September 11th, 2001. If you guys see this drop me a line.

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TOW Missile Training Camp Lejuene

In 1976 I was assigned to cover the firing of the TOW Missile by Marines of the 2nd Marine Division to go with a story the Joint Public Affairs Office at Camp Lejeune was going to release. At first we found it difficult to catch the missile as it came out the tube, just before its rocket moto kicked in. I asked one of the officers at the site to describe what happens and what the timing is between the missile being launched and the motor kicking it. With the knowledge that the motor kicks in 1.5 seconds after the missile is kicked out of the tube, I was able to count one-one thousand, two— and then release the shudder to catch the missile. I had taken 5 rolls on a previous day and never had a single missile in the frame. We were not using motors or autowinders which were rarities in the military for photojournalist at that time. However, with the delay time I was able catch a missile in every frame of a 36 exposure role the next day, when this picture was taken. It is from my files. I later received a letter from Hughes Aircraft saying this was the first pictures they had seen of the TOW being fired, where you could see the missile as it was launched. The reason for the problem was that there was an explosion which kicked the TOW out of the tube, then 1.5 seconds later another when the rocket motor fired. A big enlargement of this picture at one time to hung over the doorway at Hughes, Culver City production facility.

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