Remembering 9-11-01

Today we remember the 2977 lives that were lost, over 6000 injured, and the numerous lives impacted globally by the heinous act of terror carried out on American soil 15 years ago. We further remember the men and women who went forth and located, closed with and destroyed the enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in other foreign lands. Since 9/11/01, many have served, fought, and gave their lives to ensure that such acts of cowardice remain a distant threat to the people and the country that they love so dear. read more

Pirate Hunting Fleet In 1823

Earlier this month while vacationing in Key West, FL and wearing my new ‘Semper Fi Fund’ shirt my wife and I came upon the Truman Annex and Naval Air Station. The plaque on the wall to my right reads:

October 1, 1977

The first United States Marines arrived in Key West with Commodore David Porter’s Pirate Hunting Fleet in 1823. read more

The 5th Marines Vietnam War Memorial Monument

2,706 U.S. Marines and Sailors were killed in action during the Vietnam War while serving in the Fighting Fifth Marine Regiment. Their sacrifice is not forgotten. With your help, each and every one of them will be honored with a beautiful new Memorial Monument at the 5th Marines’ Memorial Garden, Camp San Mateo, Camp Pendleton, California. read more

My Father Would Say

Reference Mr. Paul Jones' BAM story, my Mother was also a WWII "BAM", stationed with my Father at MCAS El Toro with Air Base Group 2 performing depot level maintenance on F4Us. She made it quite clear to us as we grew up that BAM stood for Beautiful American Marine while my Father would take us on the side and say it stood for Broad Axled Marines. It wasn't until I entered Boot Camp that I learned that "axled" wasn't quite the correct word. Take note that hanging on the Brass WWII marker next to her gravestone is a F4U in all its glory. read more

Moved To Heaven’s Gates

I am sorry for the lateness of this obit for WW2 Marine Robert Dowdy. I only found out about his passing recently myself when I had attempted to call him for New Years Day.

Cpl. Dowdy and I had met each other during a Veterans Day Parade back in 2012. The parade was hosted by American Legion Post 238 of Teague, Texas of which I was a member. I say that I was a member as now the post has disbanded recently. read more