Youngest Marine Medal Of Honor Winner

Together We Served.Com had a gathering of Marines at PISC in April 2008. Jack Lucas, the guest of honor, happened to be in the room next to mine. He graciously talked with me for a while and autographed his book, "Indestrucible", (which should be a movie), I was blessed to be seated at his table for the main dinner. Even though he was quite ill, he had still had a good sense of humor and one hell of a memory. He had come to the reunion against everyones advice, but he told them that nothing would stop him from being with his Marines. read more

Jack Lucas, MOH

Sgt Grit,

I saw someone mention Jacklyn Lucas in the last newsletter. I thought I would share two pictures Jack signed for me about a year before he made the trip to Guard Heaven's Gates. He visited my National Guard unit, the 890th Cmbt Engr Bn, in Gulfport, MS, before we deployed to Iraq. read more

Dai Do

LCpl. Thomas Moore's Company Commander, Capt. Jay Vargas and Capt. Jim Livingston another Company Commander of BLT 2/4, were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor while serving under Battalion Commander, LtCol. Bill Weise. There is a series of YouTube videos narrated by BGen. Weise describing the Dai Do battle beginning with "Battle of Dai Do Part 1". Attached are b&w photos of the aforementioned Captains Vargas (L) and Livingston (R). read more

proud sgt

Mr. Paul S. Laskodi, USMC Ret. recently wrote in the last newsletter of Gen LeJeune's signature on a discharge document and it reminded me of a promotion warrant to corporal.

In December 1990, 2/23 Marines were called up in support of Operation Desert Shield/ Storm. I was serving with 2/23 HQSVCO Motor T. We were moved to Camp Pendelton and two weeks later flown to the lovely island of Okinawa. While there we were tasked with becoming the MAGTF and aside from movements to various locals, Korea, Japan, we pretty much remained on the island till the end of the live training excersice in Kuwait. During the later part of our stay a few of us L/Cpl's were put up for Corporal and we went through the riggors of promotion boards. read more

Oliver North

In 2006, while on R&R in Ecuador, I found this artist who hand carves the pictured artwork. I liked his artwork so much I started having him do stuff I thought was cool. I had him make the Marine logo, and I had my wife pick it up on a later date. I took in Camp Leatherneck to find a deserving Marine to give it to. I just so happened to run across Oliver North while at Leatherneck and I presented it to him for being a lifelong stand up Marine. Here is a photo of me and him. read more