T.A. Airsoft at the 9th Annual Gritogether

T.A. Airsoft will be attending our Gritogether this year. They will be setting up a shooting range and they will bring weapons from different eras to choose from. They stopped by this week to show us some of the weapons they will be using. These are a 1:1 scaled ratio. Pictured above is LCpl Andrew Wilson (left) Field and Marketing Mgr at T.A. Airsoft (middle is Sgt Grit and in second picture is Sgt James Williams,) and (right) Daniel Turner Airsoft Technician. We are really looking forward to having these guys come out that day and allowing Marines and friends to shoot these weapons and have a lot of fun!

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This year’s Gritogether

Sgt. Grit,

I had the priviledge to take my fiance and son to this years festivities.  What a blast it has been this last year to finally see The Place and meet The Sgt. behind all those goodies I have bought over the years.  I'm not sure the future wife really understood the pride I sang our beloved hymn or the gleam in my eye just being in the same place with that many Marines again.  My little buddy here loved the temporary tattoos.  He wore them with pride just like his daddy, and cried when I finally washed them off a week later.  Thank you for a great time and letting me introduce my boy and future wife to the Marines!  OOHRAH!

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8th Annual GriTogether – JUNE 11th

8th Annual Gritogether - June 11, 2011

This year's Gritogether was a great success. We had Marines from all over the country, great live entertainment, the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard, poolees getting ready for bootcamp, and much much more! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and we look forward to seeing you next GriTogether!
Semper Fi,
Sgt Grit

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5th Annual GriTogether

This year's GriTogether was a huge hit. We had Marines from all over in attendance. There was a lot to do this year, and we have pictures of the events and booths below… More pictures and descriptions will be added throughout the day.

Marine vehicles

USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle Marine Racecar Marine Race car Marine Hummer Marine Hummer Marine Car Marine Car Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Racecar Marine Car Marine Transport


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4th Annual GriTogether

4th Annual GriTogether was a lot of fun!

We had more Marines and Family Members than ever! If you missed it this time, be sure to stop by next year! Here’s some of what you missed….

History Displays

Living History Display

GySgt Red Millis, Curator of the Marine Corps Legacy Museum in Harrison, Arkansas brought his “Living History” Display. Everyone was able to experience first hand items from WWII Gear, a WWII campsite, 1775 Revolutionary War Display, and even a Roman Marine Display.

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