Firewatch At NATTC Memphis

The Marine barracks at NATTC Memphis were two story wooden buildings from the WWII era when I went to aviation mechanics school there in 1960. This made it necessary to have a firewatch on duty after lights out for obvious reasons. This duty always fell to the new Privates right out of boot camp, like me. read more

It Was The Marines For Me

Plt 3008, MCRD SD
28 JUN – 26 AUG 1967

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a career in military service. From age 14 on I knew it was the Marines for me. “You’re a scrawny, short, skinny kid. The Marines would eat you up and spit you out.” I’d heard that from folks my age and older whenever I would tell them I wanted to be a Marine. My closest friends shared the same desire and we had The Guidebook for Marines, knew our general orders and so forth. read more


I had just reported aboard B-1/10 at GTMO in December 1973, newly graduated from the Basic Field Artillery Officer Course at Fort Sill. We were a composite battery down there, 105mm and 155mm howitzers. I was the billet of105mm howitzer platoon commander. We had just completed my first FIREX when I gave the command “MARCH ORDER” No one moved. I was stunned, and thinking what now lieutenant! Then my platoon sergeant gave me a nod and yelled out “CSMO”, and as any Marine 08 knows, the platoon was a blur of movement. Lesson learned. read more