I just had to grin

I Stood Back and Grinned From Ear to Ear

How far can a spitwad actually go?  Think about it for a minute.  No two spitwads are exactly alike, so I reckon the distance would be affected by how much paper is used, how much spit is soaked up, and of course the lung power of the fella who’s doin’ the spittin’.  I only bring the subject up because when I was much younger I actually witnessed what must have been the world record for spitwad spittin’.  read more

By Your Bursting Bomb, Sir!

Joe Schmuckatello graduated with his platoon and found himself out in the Corps. Walking on base one day, he came up behind a Major and as he passed he said "By your leaf sir!" The Major, knowing the correct protocol, but misunderstanding Pvt. Joe's pronunciation and assuming he had said "By your leave, sir", responded correctly and said "Granted". The next day, Joe encountered a Warrant Officer. Having remembered his previous encounter, and what he was taught in boot camp, said as he passed,  "By your bursting bomb sir! The Gunner, salt that he was, simply responded, "Granted Marine!" read more

Made Me Smile

I was part of the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Princeton when HMM 163 came aboard in the early 1960's. As I recall, they were in WestPac with us and they never left. We got to return and HMM 163 stayed on. As part of ship's company, we were responsible for the maintenance of certain areas of the ship… our Division (OS) had the responsibility of maintaining a couple of troop compartments… one of them was the compartment that housed HMM 163… while cleaning up, I picked up the attached… not sure who wrote it, but, it made me laugh and I must have put it in my pocket… I was cleaning out my seabag (getting ready to toss all of my "junk"), when I ran across this and it still made me smile! Remember the song, "MTA"? Poor ole Charlie! read more

VIP Cartoons

This maybe a bit much for your newsletter, but returning from Korea on the USS Gordon someone put together a newsletter full of all the tripe usually allowed in a service paper. This ship was at sea so maybe the Publisher was given his lead and these VIP Cartoons were allowed to be printed, the rest oif the newspaper was news of the day which at the time was mostly about Russia. Even had a Marine that had escaped Russia and joined the Marine Corps serving in Korea. read more

The 12th General Order

By Ken Zebal

In the early 1960s, 2nd Tank Bn had a well-established fire watch program at the tank park. Generally speaking, two lower-ranking Marines from the flames platoon and each gun company were posted at the tank park inside their respective tool sheds from about 1800 to 0600. I was a PFC at the time and was assigned fire watch for Charlie Company along with Pat Rogers. Pat and I went to boot camp at Parris Island together (Aug-Nov '63) and then to ITR at Camp Geiger (Nov-Dec '63) before reporting into Co "C", 2TkBn (Dec '63) and then going on boot leave. This was my first fire watch and may also have been Pat's. We were nominated by our Platoon Sergeant, S/Sgt "Gunny" Jandrozits, and then hand-selected by the Company Gunny, GySgt Sam Fullerton whose sea bag read like a WWII war novel. After everyone else went on liberty call Pat and I were briefed by the Company Gunny, went to Mess Hall 207 across the street and were issued mid-rats. In those days it was a brown paper sack filled with a sandwich, hard-boiled egg, apple, container of milk and a napkin all lovingly prepared by one of the cooks. read more

The Most Expensive Turkey In South Carolina

Being stationed on a weapons station in Goose Creek, South Carolina we had pretty good security. But we also had a facility that had civilan workers coming and going through the main gate mostly, but at peak hours we opened a morning/evening rush gate to ease traffic. The Station was heavily wooded and just covered in some of the best looking deer, turkey, etc. to be found around the Ashley river. read more

Letters From Home

After reading some of the stories about letters boots received in boot camp it brought back some memories for me, the dad of my best friend had a sick since of humor, the first time he sent me a letter, on the back he put please DI have TONY do 10 extra push ups before he gets to watch TV tonight. On another he put Sarg, make sure Tony gets his exercise today. On a few others he had written things that actually gave my drill instructor a chuckle but not me as you can guess I did a fair amount of extra push ups during mail call, I think after the first two letters the DI's looked for a letter to me first just so I could do push ups the whole time mail call was going on. I also had an uncle who earned me some extra push ups because he put his rank on the letters he sent (CAPT, USN) and I was accused of having political influence. I look back and laugh now at all the games and the imagination DI's have. My friends dad always put a $20.00 in his letters but that did not stop me from getting back at him in the years that followed. He was even with my mom and girlfriend at the airport when I went home on boot leave, the first thing he did was touch my brass, I told him to keep his d-ck strokers to himself and not to finger f-ck my brass, he laughed his azz off.  read more