Cartoon-like Drawings of Wars and Marines

I found this drawing that was like all the other cartoon like drawings of Wars and Marines. I thought maybe your readers might like to see what Marines thought like back then. Note the M60 Machine Gun on his shoulder and the Fierce Eyes and the way he carried Grenades. read more

Into DaNang Without A Pass

One pic of DaNang Airbase. The other two are from inside DaNang city limits. E5 and below were not allowed into DaNang without a pass. But formalities are not a problem for my buddy LCpl DJ Huntsinger, later SSgt. He invited me to go to DaNang with him. Sounds great let's go. We get a few hundred yards from the gate to DaNang and he says we need to wait here. I say wait for what. A ride he says. He finally tells me what he is about to get me into. Being a dumbazs LCpl also, I agree. read more

782 Gear

I was reading my weekly newsletter and someone was talking again about the old Corps. I then remembered a picture that was on my wall in an office I was assigned to when we moved to a new area of the base one time. I liked it and never took it down. I took a photograph of it when I retired and gave up the office. Thought I would pass it along. read more

She Knows Better

Only the older Marines will know what a M-1 thumb is, and most were coordinated enough to not experience one.

I should have known to stop, but I didn't. Two weeks ago in the local gun shop (LGS) somebody started talking to me just as I let the bolt go home. At least it wasn't a full stroke. Wasn't my rifle, either. My Garand was at home and she knows better, besides. read more

KC 130s Fatenma

I was just back from Nam and the monsoons were in full swing at Fatenma! Three of the Electric shop and me were sent out to work on the vertical stabilizer with the wind and rain going great guns!! Well we needed a check stand so I grabed one half on and half off the pad. I went to jurk it back on the pad, I just grabbed and I got hold of the tow tung not the legs and pulled!! The stand didn't move but the tung did. I went over on my back holding the tung and the eyelet hit me square in the face! Knocked me cold on the spot on my back lying in the rain. All rest of the team were standing around me busting a gut. They laughed so hard they just left me there!! I ended up with a black and blue ring on my face for a good week! Everyone would look a bust up because the whole squadron heard about it!! read more

Plane Captain Of The Month

Found this picture of an F9F-8T Cougar from H&MS 13 that was probably the same one I flew in the back seat in '63 when I made Plane Captain of the month. Although this pic was taken at Chu Lai, it's still the same H&MS 13 that my squadron, VMA 212, was a part of at Kaneohe Bay in 1963. They only had one Cougar trainer. That year, my squadron established an award to be designated "Plane Captain of the month" and I happened to be lucky enough to be the first one. Before I could actually fly, however, I had to take pressure chamber and ejection seat training at NAS Barber's Point. After that initial training I was ready for the flight. The pilot was a Captain from H&MS-13 and the hop was about an hour long. We did all the maneuvers including a loft bombing where he put it in a power dive from around 30,000 ft. and pulled back on the stick at about 6,000 ft. climbing back to altitude and flipping over, simulating special weapons delivery. I was watching the G meter climb to about 7 G's. I could hear the wings creaking like rusty hinges as my G suit filled up with bleed air. After that maneuver he let me take the stick. "Put your left wing down", he said, and I eased the stick left. Same thing with the right wing. So now I get a little confident and asked if I could try an aileron roll. "Go ahead if you think you can" says he. Now I'm feeling very confident, even though I wasn't a pilot (did that years later as a civilian), and I just whipped that stick over in my right lap. I didn't know that you have to give it a little nose up before entering an aileron roll. Nobody mentioned that part. Anyway, we were up around thirty thousand when I started the maneuver. I was looking straight up at the ocean getting closer and the airplane was not coming out of the roll. It was falling towards the water upside down. I still had the stick all the way over in a death grip, looking up at the ocean, watching the waves turn into whitecaps. The Captain said "Let Go Of The Stick". "Are You Sure You Got It Sir", says I. "Let Go Of The Godd-mn Stick" says he with more emphasis. So I let go, and he rolled out to level flight before we got wet. He didn't say a word to me after that all the way back to Kaneohe and after landing he got away from that plane post haste and left me in the fuel pits. At any rate, there was only one PC of the month after me. They discontinued it after that guy because he puked in his Oxygen mask. Made a h-ll of a mess so I hear. They discontinued the award after that. read more