Ride Across America For The City Of Refuge Veterans Center Inc

Watching my parents spend their last days here on Maui has been very satisfying, at times very stressful, and in the end extremely painful. I am thankful for the time I spent with them and am truly humbled to be their son. When my father, who was also a Marine Corps veteran, was still alive, I promised him I’d start a new veterans treatment facility providing medical and psychiatric counseling services. I was working on this project when my mother suddenly became ill and passed away too. Settling their estate, getting thru their most treasured possessions has been a priority and has left me feeling drained and completely lost. The only thing that remains is a promise to bring their ashes back to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where they raised their six sons. To honor my father, and all veterans past and present, I’ve decided to bring my parents on their final motorcycle ride across America to help raise funds for my non-profit veterans organization known as the City of Refuge Veterans Center Inc. I encourage any veterans out there that are bikers to join me on a ride across America, and to raise funds to build a one of a kind treatment center for veterans located on the island of Maui. I am seeking financial sponsors to help make this trip possible. If you’d like to become a trip sponsor, contact Capt. Keith Lambert directly at 1-808-344-4604 or email me at keith@cityofrefugemaui.org. read more


I just wanted to tell you all about the best thing I ever heard a man tell his ex-wife. This man was a WWII vet that was captured at the battle of the bulge and even though forty or so years seperated us, we struck up a friendship that was close to father and son. Well he and his ex- still owned a restaraunt together and Clyde and I would meet there every morning around six and drink coffee and just talk about whatever. Well one morning his ex- must have been in a bad mood because when she came in she walked up to the table and said why don't you two get to work and stop drinking my coffee. Well Clyde was an easy going man but he must have had enough of her crap. He looked up at her and calmly said "You know the Germans treated me better as a POW then you ever did in twenty years as a husband." Well that shut her up fast and she stormed away. I had to bite my lip to keep from busting my gut. Well, we continued to meet every morning before we went to work and she never bothered us again about drinking her coffee. read more

Larry Ward PCS to Heaven’s Gates

Another great Marine, Larry Ward, has been permanently transferred for new duty at the Gates of Heaven. I got to know Larry through my Civil War reenactment group. During events, we used to swap sea stories. Of course, being a career Marine, and former Drill Instructor, he had many more interesting stories than I did. From a past newsletter, I know some of the readers had the honor of becoming Marines under Larry as their SDI. It was an honor for me to have him as a friend. read more

Always Momentary Silence

I have to reply to the Article "Proud of Being A Marine." Yes, I fully understand that Tim Rudd's wife and Sgt. Grit's wife are proud of being married to Marines! I have been retired for 1 year now and frequently get questions regarding what I am most proud of/my greatest accomplishment: my Army service, my 36 years of teaching, being a Legionnaire, etc. Answer–being a Marine wife and being married to my beloved Marine for 38 years. There is always a momentary silence when I give this reply, but it's true! read more

Good To Go For One More Day

I had this made for me to keep my wife NANCY Ann's ashes & my MARINE memories in. Every time I open it up memories come flooding back. As long as I know what I'm looking at I'm good to go for one more day. The only people I care to share with is my USMC brothers & sisters. One day my ashes will be placed next to hers, then it is finished. read more

Final Formation GySgt Kevin Kyle

A recent motorcycle accident claimed the life of our dear friend and customer GySgt Kevin Kyle. This Marine left us too soon at the age of 50. Gunny Kyle served in Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq and other combat operations. He was an avid shopper at Sgt Grit. Anytime Gunny walked into the showroom, I always made my way over to speak with him for a bit. That was a treat for me. This Marine was just awesome. When I first met him, he had just got off the plane at Will Rogers Airport here in OKC from Iraq. We were having morning chow that day at Sgt Grit for the Marine Corps Birthday. He came straight over to us that morning and had breakfast with his brothers and sisters. He said, that is where he needed to be. That was a special morning. Unknowingly to all of us, he became the "guest of honor" quite literally. It was an honor to have him home and there with all of us. Gunny was a really neat guy. He always had a smile on his face and he always made you feel that he was really happy to see you that day. He would do that with anyone. He will be missed by all. read more

Humble Contribution

The attached photo is my humble contribution to all my brother and sister MARINES who have had the honor to claim the TITLE. Many have given the last full measure of devotion to that TITLE and many more have served HONORABLY. Two especially are remembered by me as I served with both of them. G/Sgt John D. Wysemierski and Capt Lawrence Jordan, both of whom are on the WALL. This is my permission for you to use this photo as it copywrighted. Thank you Sgt Grit for Service in Vietnam and your devotion to our Brother ans Sister MARINES. read more