Humble Contribution

The attached photo is my humble contribution to all my brother and sister MARINES who have had the honor to claim the TITLE. Many have given the last full measure of devotion to that TITLE and many more have served HONORABLY. Two especially are remembered by me as I served with both of them. G/Sgt John D. Wysemierski and Capt Lawrence Jordan, both of whom are on the WALL. This is my permission for you to use this photo as it copywrighted. Thank you Sgt Grit for Service in Vietnam and your devotion to our Brother ans Sister MARINES.

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Purple Heart Reissued

The attached article appeared in the Newport Plain Talk, the paper in Newport, TN where I was activities director and training to be a nursing home administrator at the local nursing home at the time.

Resident smoke breaks were divided up among the various departments for supervision. Every once in awhile one resident, Mike Price, would get a pained look on his face and say, "Got shot in Vietnam for nothing…." Everyone thought he was making it up. His medical record said he alleged being in the Marines, but there was no official record of him ever having served. I told him I was in the Marines, and we started talking. He knew it all…the rank structure, the jargon, and he was telling me things about Parris Island I'd forgotten a long time ago. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Mike was in fact a Marine at one time.

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prisoner and left in dakness/ back in el Salvador 1985

in 1985 I enlisted thinking that I wasn't going to pass the course and I did in 1985 on January 15,1985 I got to san Diego to start my training again I thought I was not going to make but I did and then 6 weeks later we were send to el Salvador,we were there for six month before they told us that some American women got killed and that's when it all began for me and to of my friends we had a few men leave the came were we were camp at and they got captured and myself and 2 other were send to look at area I was a sniper in recon a 2 others with me,we help about 135 escape from were they were kept and we got caught was a prisoner of war for 4 years my two brothers in arm were killed I waited for my turn it never came people from el Salvador help me escape got me all the way to acunia ,Mexico gave money to cross to united states I know I have not spoken to only one other person and that's my wife its Bernhard when you learn that the government never looked for you but make you as killed in action just want others to know,I have received a silver star and other medals,just wanted to tell others don't want it to keep eating with in me

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Proper Honors For A Marine

U.S. Colors Presented in a small private ceremony for Sgt. Dale Stirling, USMC / VIETNAM / deceased.

I have had a bit of difficulty organizing a time for getting together with Mrs. Stirling and presenting her with the United States Colors on behalf of grateful Nation and the Office of the President of the United States.

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Tribute 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51

I spent 14 years in the Marine Corps from 1965 to 1979. Now, as the Sr. Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League (MCL), MGySgt John W. Zaengle Detachment in Glenside, Pa, I wanted my Vette to be "A Tribute To Our Marine Corps Veterans." Also to use the car at our local car shows to draw attention to the MCL and what we do Marines,
their families and veterans.

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Gold Star Mom Converts to Cycles

By Staff Writer

An old adage says, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", but Mary Wyscarver, THS teacher, begs to differ with that. For years her friends have told her of the joys of motorcycles. Finally on Memorial Day she joined almost one thousand bikers for the 15th annual "Ride to Remember" in West Texas to honor the fallen heroes. Her son, Marine SSgt. Joseph Fankhauser (KIA Afghanistan 2012), is her hero and was recently featured on Fox Sports Warriors Among Us – Honor the Fallen.

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