Major Times Three

Here goes…

I was commissioned thru the Regular NROTC program at the U. of Minnesota in 1963 and, of course, joined the Marines. (I decided to be a Marine when I was 8 years old.) I was the SupO for the 2d Radio Bn, then served 2 "wonderful" years of sea duty aboard the USS Wright, CC-2 (C.O. of the Marine Detachment). Then my wife "convinced" me to leave the regulars, and so I went right into the active reserves (Supply Management Officer for the 4th Marine Division; and finally as a Major, Company Commander, India Co, 3d Bn., 24th Marines. (Never went to Vietnam – 2 sets of orders to WestPac (Viet Nam); both cancelled.) I had an NSG top secret clearance, and the Navy NSG did not want to risk Marine junior officers getting captured… which did happen in 1965 …bummer). And LBJ would not call up the Reserve 4th Marine Division. (15 years).

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Two Promises

After I graduated from high school in 1964 I announced to my father that I was tired of taking orders from him, tired of getting up early and tired of making my bed so I had solved all those problems. I had joined the United States Marine Corps. My dad smiled at me and said, "Well, son, it looks like your troubles are over." I left for Marine Corps boot camp 2 days later.

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Our 4 Generations

We are 4 Generations Marine Strong.

PFC Donald Carson….Korea

L/Cpl Greg Sims……….VietNam

Cpl. Brad Sims…………Perian Gulf

L/Cpl Scott Nokes…….Afghanistan (2x)

As a Life Member of the Marine Corps League, I displayed my Espirit De Corps with my MCL, New Jersey Plate. Now I am in Kentucky, I continue to show my pride, with my adopted state's Marine Plate.

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‘Aumakua: Sacrifice in a Fallujah Hell House

The November, 2004 offensive into the city of Fallujah, Iraq—dubbed “Operation Phantom Fury”—placed the individuals involved into the renowned annals of Marine Corps narration.  The young men that meticulously stormed into the city will forever have their own unique moniker: Fallujah Marines—a name that has involuntarily set them apart from other Iraq War veterans.   

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Marine brothers meet in Kuwait, Cpl Dave Willis, 1bn 4th Marines

In February of 2005 my unit was leaving Iraq and sitting in Kuwait to go home from our second deployment.  I called my parents and let them know we were on our way, my mom said that my brother was in Kuwait at the same camp awaiting to go into Iraq.  I thought no way, and no way he's at our camp.  So I begun my search for his unit and no luck after about three hours.  I had to go through customs and lost time to keep looking.  I remember goofing around in our hut waiting to leave an one of my marines came in and told me a Sgt was outside looking for me.  I ran out the tent and there was my brother who I hadn't seen since boot camp in 2002.  We had lost contact for the most part since boot camp bc I was stationed at Pendleton and he was on the east coast.  We only had a few minutes to talk before I had to leave and I remember my Lt. didn't believe we were brothers and nor did his commanders.  It was amazing to see him and share our memories of that day, attached is our picture of our incredible meeting in Kuwait.   Thanks,   Dave Willis

A Very Special Gift

 I am a nursing student and part time jeweler, and the daughter of a Vietnam vet (US Army), and the granddaughter of one WWII vet (US Army) and one WWII/Korean War vet (US Navy). My boyfriend Cpl. Carl Cochrane served our country from 2003-2007 as a United States Marine (3rd Marine Airwing Service & Support Battalion, Military Police detachment – they provided EOD security in Iraq). On Nov. 30, 2005 he was severely injured outside Fallujah when a bomber crashed his truck into the humvee Carl was the turret gunner in. He was thrown from the humvee and hurt very badly. He lost most of the use of his left arm due to shattered bones and severed/damaged nerves, broke his leg, and had a severe head injury and now has a plate replacing almost half his skull. Two others in the vehicle were injured as well, and one was killed. Unfortunately, none of the men who were wounded were awarded Purple Hearts. Carl appealed this later and was told "No." To me it seemed like a very important thing for them to have, and I was outraged that he and the others injured didn't get one. I decided that if his government wouldn't give him what he deserved, then as a jeweler I could and would, so I set out working with a talented jeweler friend at work (I work for a major jeweler supply company) to design a very special Purple Heart just for Carl. It looks the same as the real medal, except instead of George Washington it has the USMC eagle globe and anchor. My friend at work did a wonderful job creating a CAD design and milling a wax model for me, and then I made molds and created the medal in bronze. I filled it with colored epoxy resins and had an absolutely beautiful piece to give to Carl on Valentine's Day this year. He was very, very touched by it and it meant the world to him, and to me to be able to give him that validation for what happened to him. I thought I would share this story with you along with some photos of the medal I made for my beloved Marine. 
Semper Fidelis,
Jaimie Verlander
Albuquerque, NM

We have not yet recovered the war Bush started.

I have been watching  T.V. and the Sectary of  defence wants all Marines to return home but Obama Says no. while he's holding you guy's back he's paying those bastard's to bear arm's an such, All I can say is Stop this Insainty before we all die! I will never get the President or congress but I will remain a Marine till God call's me home. I'm no longer in the Marine's but that don't mean a thing. I am proud of my paltoon for doing there job and for those who are new to the Marines do what your told an don't ask questions.    I will be watching at home and wating till all Marine's return safe. To the Men an women that lost loved ones: I will always remamber my tours in Iraq an will never forget them, I will remamber your loved one's  for I am A Marine S.S.G. and I will never forget a fallen Marine no will I ever leave one behind for that is our motto and our loalty to all that come to the Marine's.  We are the Few , The Proud, We are Marines togther and forever.    Semperfi. Sincerly, F.M.R. Marine S.S.G. Bobby Biggs.

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