Proud Of My Two Marines

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your products and reading the old stories from Marines. My dad was a Marine and sadly passed away three years ago. I really miss him.

SSGT Johnny Nelson proudly served in the Marine Corps, graduating from MCRDPI Platoon 528 in 1951. He served in the Korean War as a crew chief on a Sikorsky helicopter. read more

Ham And MoFos

Ham & MoFos were beyond nasty. Some guys tried to doctor them with hot sauce and/or C-ration cheese. Absolutely nothing could help them other than when they became landfill.

I have seen the first photo many – many times. I have never gazed upon that second photo… and from now on, I will grab the eye bleach before making another sighting. read more

Honors My Dad

My dad was born 8/11/1933. He served in the Korean war. He passed away 8/12/13 and is buried at Indiantown Gap, PA. Till the day he died, he never forgot he was a Marine. My mom, who is 79 and will be 80 in January, honors my dad and the Marines when she wears a Marine Corps shirt/sweatshirt when she goes walking two, three or four times a week. She walks 6 miles each time. read more

EXCITEMENT! Shot At And Missed

My new book, EXCITEMENT! Shot At And Missed, has been available for only the past month or so, and the response is very much appreciated! Here's what MSgt Miles Kelly Hill, USMC (Retired) has to say about the book:

"This is one of the best military books I've read! It brought back memories of my time in the Marines. Everyone, whether a Marine or not, will enjoy this riveting, first-hand account of the F-2-5 Marines in Korea. The chapters concerning boot camp, both poignant and funny, brought back many memories of my time at MCRD. This is the real deal!" read more

Reading His Favorite Catalog

What a pleasure it is to know MSgt Burris and really his entire family. When MSgt gets a visit from his granddaughter, Amanda, we are sure to see him here at Sgt Grit. He knows his way around our store. He goes right to the products he wants to see, he stops and visits the desks of the employees that he has not seen since his last visit and he is sure to stop in and line out Sgt Grit for a moment. There is nothing like watching two Marines rib each other all in good fun and camaraderie. We are missing MSgt Burris already and we count the days until he visits us again. A big Semper Fi to you MSgt Burris! Come see us. read more

Round Dog Tags

I read the postings on round dog tags and wanted to send along a photo of my dad's army dog tags. He died in 1993 and my older brother (a squid) and I split his military belongings. I got his dog tags, good conduct medal and what I believe might be an 8th Field Artillery lapel pin, but not sure if it was a part of his dress uniform or something he got when he was discharged. Anyway, Below see two pictures of my dad's dog tags. On the front is his name and USA and on the six is his service number or at that time his SSN. But I can't make out any finger prints. As a kid I think I recall him saying that a greenish ribbon wove through the two holes of each tag but not sure about that. My dad was a cannon cocker and stationed at Scofield Barracks and enlisted in 1939, so maybe the finger prints were post 1939? read more

I Wandered Around For A While

BOY! Do these photos bring back MEMORIES!

Too bad the few remaining huts have fallen into such disrepair. I went to the USMC Scout Sniper Association reunion a few years ago in San Diego and we as a group attended a recruit graduation. Things have really changed since I went thru MCRD in '64. For one thing, on that grad day the recruits did not march in review like we did back then. They were marched out by platoons, lined up in front of the reviewing stand and just stood there while a Colonel gave a congratulation speech. Then they were dismissed and that was it. (R. Lee Ermey showed up and visited with some of the officers and DIs, then left without even a nod to us). read more