Second Wife of GYSGT/E7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr

Being the second wife of GYSGT/G7 Asa B. Zumalt Jr. This man was a very very proud service man. He had 20 years and 12 years reserve in the Marine Corp. He passed away March 2012. He has a grandson serving in the Marines and his plans is for a career. I also have a second cousin in the Marines and lost both legs in Afganistan. He has never stopped since he got his new legs. read more

The USMC Tradition Continues

Lieutenant Col. Jason L. Nickerl, Deputy Director of Recruiting, Western Recruiting Region, was honored at his retirement ceremony at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, May 20. His retirement was bittersweet because as he leaves the Corps, he watched his son graduate recruit training and fill his footsteps. read more

Proud Of My Two Marines

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your products and reading the old stories from Marines. My dad was a Marine and sadly passed away three years ago. I really miss him.

SSGT Johnny Nelson proudly served in the Marine Corps, graduating from MCRDPI Platoon 528 in 1951. He served in the Korean War as a crew chief on a Sikorsky helicopter. read more

Christmas 1970

Viet Nam, 1970

I was assigned to MASS-3 towards the end of 1970, specifically at FSB Birmingham. We were a small detachment (13 men) operating a radar system in support of the US Army 101st Airborne. On Dec 22, we received a radio message that I was to pack my seabag and prepare for transport to our squadron headquarters in DaNang. A CH-46 was already enroute to pick me up.  I reported to the 1st Sgt when I got back, and asked what I was there for. He told me not to get too comfortable, as I was scheduled on the next C-130 departing for Okinawa. read more

Sgt Grit Family Christmas Photos

The Barber family decided to make their family Christmas photos extra special. Their oldest son Tajh enlisted in the delayed entry program this year, and is scheduled to depart for Boot Camp in the Summer of 2016. For their family photos they chose to wear Sgt Grit's 2015 Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve T-shirts. The family is wearing red shirts and Tajh is wearing the white shirt. read more