Following in his grandfather footsteps

I have attached a picture of my grandson, PFC Jordan Dwight Vicars, Jordan graduated from MCRD in May of 2010. He was assigned to one weeks duty to the Recruiting station, in his home town in Oregon City, Oregon.

This picture was taken at the Clackamas County Fair, where he met many of his previous school mates. They were impressed to see the change of what six months in the Marines can do for a young man in today's world. This duty assignment was Jordan's attempt to locate other young men to join him in his Marine Corps.

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My brother’s boot camp photo

This a copy of my late brother's boot camp picture from early 1943. His name was Jerome (Jerry) Strumpf. He is circled in the 2nd row. He was in the Marshall Islands and Okinawa campaigns in WWII. He passed away much too early at age 72 in 1997. He was my hero and I followed him into the Corps during the Korean War (1950-53) I would like to honor him in your WWII BS section

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MCRD Graduation Sept 2010

I had to send you a picture of my son Sean M Alexander at the Marine corp recruit depot on family day. His Grandfather Charles R Spring is also a proud Marine from the Korean war. He had went through extensive spinal surgery and spent time in a nursing home trying to recover. We never thought he would get back home, let alone travel across the country to make it to his grandson's graduation. Sean went through boot camp knowing his Grandfather was also working hard to be able to make the trip. Both of these men were motivated to do their best as a matter of pride and honor in service to our country. The Marine corp has been a large part of our family heritage and I am proud to witness such a great reunion.

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