Thanking The Marine Corps

"Thank You for Your Service". I hear this frequently, because I carry the Eagle, Globe and Anchor wherever I go. It is proudly displayed on my trucks state license plate, on the flag pole in my front yard, on my cover that never leaves my head, on my shirt for all to see, on the wall in my office to remind me of the sacrifices that I made. I do not display these to garner respect. I display these because I earned them and thus I show the respect the emblem deserves. The eagle represents the proud nation we defend. The globe represents our worldwide responsibility. The anchor points to the Marine Corps' naval heritage. Together, the eagle, globe and anchor symbolize our commitment to defend our nation—in the air, on land and at sea. I do not boast nor is it my intent in wearing the badge to obtain a pat on the back or an 'Ata Boy'. It's my way of thanking the United States Marine Corps. read more

Man Cave

My Man Cave/Office is where I spend most of my time during the day, I have an on-line marketing business that I am working on.

All of the items that I have collected, I try to keep as original as I can. For example my Dress Blues in the glass Display case, the field phone I have on my wall is the same as the phone I used in Vietnam in a village we patrolled when we were not attached out on assignment. One day myself and another Marine were surrounded in the village at Chu-Lai, and still don't know today why they just turned around and walked away. We had the phone set up in front of their Buddhist temple and I called headquarters and they sent 3 truckloads of Marines, we searched the huts, but they were all gone. That is the story on the phone. read more

Marine Head

Thanks Sgt. Grit. I'm the Marine who's wife is doing the bathroom. I'm sending pictures. Also, I make rifle and pistol targets, I'm making one for you and will be standing by it with my 338 Lapua and my 308 and 716 sniper rifles along on my hip. My 5.7 shoots 246 feet per second. Thank you for all you do. I'm going to try and break the world record held by a Britt 1702. I'm going for 1720 with my Lapua. read more

My Office

My wife is the greatest! When we moved recently into a larger home she infomed me that the spare bedroom was going to be for me and my Marine Corps things. When I asked if I could help with the room she told me no. Needless to say, she and my daughter did all the work with this room (minus installing the crown molding) and they picked out all the colors, etc… This is my favorite room in the house! read more

My Second War Room

This will be my second war room. My wife did a while you were out war room for me in Cleveland when I was doing a job in NY. We've since moved to NC. We got lucky to find an old farm house with 3 bedrooms. The deal was if I keep all my Marine Corps stuff in one room, I can build on it. The walls are olive drab, ceiling sand, trim brown. She's motivated about it like I am. read more