A Father’s Final Message

A Fathers Final Message

You never know when that moment will hit you and it always catches you by surprise.

It’s the thought of you leaving that rips through my soul and brings instant tears to my eyes.

Now those moments are more frequent as your time here decreases.
It will be most difficult on your mother as her heart is sure to break into many pieces. read more

A Day In November

On a day in November, which we never forget The 2nd Continental Congress laid down a bet. For liberty and freedom were being put to the test King George sent Cornwallis – one of his best.   Soon to discover, Marines are quite savage We beat back his tyranny through undying courage.   Many years hence and We haven’t changed, Sending millions of rounds flying downrange. All for freedom’s sake.  This is our way of life! God help those who put up a fight.   So “Semper Fidelis” to Marines past and present Our sacrifice has made many lives quite pleasant.   One last thing on our special day Let’s remember those who have paved the way They gave the ultimate for your sake and mine, Unselfish love – like the sweet fruit from the vine.   America is free! But where would she be? Without the Marines like you and like me!   Happy Birthday Marines!   James E. Smith Sgt. USMCR 1985-1991 10 November 2010