Fainting Vapors

"Pickle grass"?… never heard it called that, even when covered
with doughnut puke… more commonly known as 'ice plant'… low-growing, creeping succulent plant, with triangular 'leaves',
probably related to cactus of some kind… widely used by the California DOT on freeway banks as erosion control, comes in a couple of colors when in bloom, makes sure that the entire bank will 'slide' as one mat, when the soil gets wet enough. Long a favorite of DI's, and Company Gunnys at MCRD and Pendleton. Good for collecting butts and trash, eventually looks pretty mangy (well, not at MCRD, now that there are very few Quonset huts to plant it around).

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Vette and Rescue

Dear newsletter staff,

Recently a member posted about their Corvette and it's unique USMC touches and challenged others to send theirs in. Attached is my 2010 'Vette and my unique plates paying tribute to my beloved Sea Knight and my University, TCU. I flew SAR for MAG-31, 2nd MAW in the early 80's and amassed several rescues including an F-4 from VMFA-251.

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Hand Painted EGA

I know Sgt Grit has a tattoo page and I indeed have my 'Corps' in, but I though y'all would like to see the 'tattoo' I put on my MC tank (BTW, I just rode it cross country). This is not a decal, it was hand painted by a motorcycle guy in Alabama (note the bulldog above the ega, that came from you too.  Thanks again for all your help.

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Marine Dodge Truck

While getting parts at a Dodge dealership in Spring, TX, we noticed this Marine Truck.  It was a special order by a Marine.  It had quotations by famous people, in Memory of Marines he served with (whose names were placed upon the truck), among the obvious in the pictures.  It was a privilege and an honor just to be able to see this truck.  Never saw it again after that day and I drive down that way every two weeks to the Veterans Center.  Semper Fi Marine!

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40 Chevy

I went to Boot camp in San Diego California with six buddies from Midwest city high school. We stayed together until after ITR training they went to the East Coast and I went back to Camp Pendleton California for bulk fuel school. I went to Vietnam in August 1967 I was with Bravo Company 126 Marines. mainly in Khe Sanh the whole time . I spent the end of April and May in Camp S.D. Butler in Okinawa Japan. Then I went to Camp Smith in Hawaii until September 1968. i came home to Midwest city Oklahoma and got married to my high school sweetheart Nancy. we spent our honeymoon going back to Camp Pendleton. stayed there until October 1969 . we bought the 40 Chevy 20 years ago with high hopes but things change and other needs came first. Nancy and I both retired in June 2009 and it was our turn now .18 months later we are on the road and loving it. we have followed Sgt. Grit all over town.The Grit togethers are great and are always fun and enjoyable we always find something we just can't live without . Lynn is the sales person we see most of the time and she helps us with our purchases.

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Old Marine’s Dream-Dead Dog to Devil Dog!

A Vietnam buddy (Army) heard I was forced into retirement and had to sell my motorcycle a few years ago. He found this 1983 Yamaha (Dead Dog) and brought it to me on his trailer behind his bike. Picture # 1.

After months of work and a fun project with some accessories from Sgt. Grit, I now have my Devil Dog Scoot (without manifold & carb). Saving my nickels and dimes for the parts so I can provide harassment to the Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard golf carts in my community. Oooooorah! See next 4 pictures.

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