Fainting Vapors

"Pickle grass"?… never heard it called that, even when covered
with doughnut puke… more commonly known as 'ice plant'… low-growing, creeping succulent plant, with triangular 'leaves',
probably related to cactus of some kind… widely used by the California DOT on freeway banks as erosion control, comes in a couple of colors when in bloom, makes sure that the entire bank will 'slide' as one mat, when the soil gets wet enough. Long a favorite of DI's, and Company Gunnys at MCRD and Pendleton. Good for collecting butts and trash, eventually looks pretty mangy (well, not at MCRD, now that there are very few Quonset huts to plant it around). read more

Wife Went For Coffee

Pictures taken at Rock Island Arsenal. Pictures taken this past fall on a weekend getaway to Davenport Iowa of Marine Corps. Ontos and assorted tanks and artillery pcs. Later toured the museum and it was awesome. Spent 2 hours looking at the display of weapons (wife went for coffee). Semper Fi, 237 Years of serving are country. read more

Restored ONTOS photos

Hi Sgt. Grit,   I'm a former Marine Reservist from the 90's, I was a proud DASCateer with MASS-6 out of Miramar. Never got deployed but I did get to Battle Griffin in Norway one year, that was the highlight of my time in the Corps.   Anyhow, after reading your latest newsletter and seeing the old photos of the Ontoses I decided to contribute in my own small way by restoring/retouching the two Ontos photos in the newsletter. I've retouched, as best as I could, the photo of the Ontos firing at night and the one of the wrecked Ontos; I hope that your readers, esp. the ones who submitted the original photos, will appreciate the restored photos.   Phil Hsueh