China Marines

I was 16 when I joined the Corps in 1945. On my 17th birthday, I was called to the 1st Sgt, office, and he said to me. " You are now legal Feneck get back to your duties" Looking for anyone who was in China from 1945 to 1947. I was station in Tsintoa, China with the 1st Marine Air Wing at the air field. Was radio/radar tech in VMR 152 and 153. The attach photo is me on the left and Papas on the right. Papas passed away last year, he was a good Marine. There are not to many World War 2 Vets left. They say over 900 a day pass away. The Marines are ordered to guard the gates and streets of Heaven.

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1958 Lebanon

In the April 25 issue of Sgt. Grit News, Joel McHoul asked if anyone else remembered that operation? Well I certainly do. I was with the 3/6 Headquarters Company attached to H Company as a wire man. When we went ashore I had so much cr-p on my pack board that I slipped coming off the landing craft and darn near drowned. With the help of my partner, I righted myself just in time to get my picture in the July 28, 1958 issue of Time magazine. I'm the one soaking wet without a helmet. A somewhat inglorious, but no less famous event in my Marine Corps career. BTW that is my partner in front carrying my helmet.

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Looking for help

My name is Beverly Crone. My Father was a Marine. His name is Marc Shaub served from 1958 -1960.

For years my father told us stories of being a prisoner in Cuba. He never told us details untill we took him to a doctor for his mild memory lost. The doctor said it was from him surppressing his memories and not talking about it. That was causing his memory to slip.

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Original Camp Hansen

One of my claims to fame was that I was stationed at the original Camp Hansen. Anti-tank Co., 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, in 1956 in Okinawa. We had a Tank Co. and an Ontos Co.

Pictured is our Chapel, which we put back together after every typhoon. The slop chute, mess hall and Co. offices, and of course a motley crew of tankers and mechanics. Thought I was doing good being from the original "Hansen" 'til I met a man at a MCL Convention from Zephyr Hills, FL, that helped
build "Hansen" one year before me.

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LST 1157

Sgt. Grit,

In the last newsletter on a post by D.Dick he mentioned the LST Terrell County 1157…I'm sending some pictures taken in 1961 of 1157 and 1167 which I was aboard during SEATO Joint exercise in and around the Taiwan Straits called Operation Blue Star. I was serving with the 12th marines (M-4-12). The flat bottom tubs where not fun to be on in rough water.
The Navy always got a kick when the ramp was dropped coming into the beach it scoured out a hole, it seems the ship always backed off a bit and the vehicles dropped in the hole…so you better have fording gear in place, because you were going to get wet..fond memories.

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WWI Marine

A regular client of mine has these pictures up in his home, I inquired the nature of them because I recognized the EGA and he informed me that they are of his father "Ivan Evans" a World War I Marine. The one pic is when he first got in; the other is from some years after. You can see the change in him after the war, it really aged him. The third pic is just a partial from a four foot panorama of his entire unit. I'm a big history buff, especially when It comes to the Corps. Semper Fi, I hope all enjoy these. Bryan Butas Cpl 89-93

5 Cents A Pack

Dear Sgt Grit,

As usual, I really look forward to reading your Newsletter each Thursday. The 31 May 12 issue of the newsletter had stories about the Cuban Missile Crisis, USS Noble, LST 1178 – Wood County and Yuma Marine Corps Air Station, all of which I have some connect too. My part of the Cuban Crisis was minimal, I started Boot Camp on June 12, 1962, went through San Diego Platoon 338 and we qualified at Camp Matthews Range.

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Maybe Never

Sgt Grit Here is a copy of my certificate of Amtrac School that
I went to in Camp Delmar at Oceanside Ca. And that was before
P35 I think that is what they were called. I came there from
boot camp leave, then to advanced infantry training. Then to
Camp Gifu Japan in a comm. Platoon Anglico for 15 months then
back the states, 2531 & 0849 mos. Parris Island for 14 months in
the Post Exchange and never seen the inside of an Amtrac again.
Discharged in Sept. 1957 Honorably.

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