Memorial Day Parade Poem

Memorial Day Parade
By MKM 5-25-05

She stood there on the sidewalk
With her heart upon her sleeve,
Stubborn and determined,
She was not about to leave.
A sign held high above her head,
Proclaimed for all to see,
Her anti-military stand-with passersby she’d plea:
“End the “war on terror”-pull our troops back out!
Murderers aren’t heroes!” she’d scream and yell and shout.
As fire trucks and clowns passed by, continued to protest, ‘Til there came a
‘Nam vet marching-said, “Girl, we did our best.
My buddy ain’t a hero? He saved ten other men.
He sacrificed himself and he’d do it all again.
My brother ain’t a hero? ‘Cause, Girl, he’s dead now, too.
He died protecting people like your “free-speech” friends and you.
My son is not a hero? He’s serving in Iraq.
There’s nothing I want more right now than just to bring him back You stand
and try to shame the ones who chanced to make it through- I wish that you
could understand, I wish you only knew.”
He held his head up higher,
Feeling proud of those who’d gone,
And didn’t feel her stare
As the parade continued on.

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Iraq 2006

IRAQ 2006
by Anna Betz

My 87 year old mother wrote this, my dad was ww2 i was vietnam echo 2/3, and my son was in 1997-2001

semper fi
oj betz
sgt. usmc ret.

As a wife , mother and grandmom
Of 3 great Marines
This talk of murder in Iraq is giving
Me screams.
They take these young men and teach them
To fight
Not telling them whether it’s
Wrong or right.
And send them off to Foreign Shores
To serve in Religious and Civil Wars.
They see friends blown up in front
Of their eyes.
They can’t tell who are
The Bad or who are the Good guys.
They all look the same and fighting
Street to street
Is a pretty tough war, it just
Ain’t neat.
So for Pete’s sake, don’t try them
If they shot the wrong one.
This kind of conflict is not much fun.
Let the Folks who sent them take the Blame,
But to try our Marines is a
Bloody Shame.

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Foreign Lands – Marine Poem

By: Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert

Foreign lands,
Families home,
Marines have gone,
To stand alone.

We fight for God,
Our Country and Corps.
So freedom may reign,
Forever more.

The North, the South,
The Black and the White,
For the American Land,
We all unite.

With my rifle and life,
I defend my home,
Always on call,
Destination unknown.

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A Marines Day in the High Court of the Almighty

I am a writer coming off the back side of a long dry spell. I have received two of your news letters now and as I read I have received more inspiration than I have for a long time. So here it is; in the words of a newcomer to the Grit Circle. I hope you all get as much from this as I did writing it at 3:30am. Hooorah!

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Angels In Uniform

Angels In Uniform
D. Mayhew

I am a proud father of a U.S. Marine stationed in Iraq at this time. The year and a half that he has been in the Marines has done wonders for not only him, but for me as a father. When he graduated from High School, he had no goals, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do or be, since then he has come to realize that not all hard working U.S. citizens are in the public work force. He has made my wife and I very proud when he stands tall, looks you straight in the eyes when speaking with you. I am by no means a professional poet but I do dabble a bit, one night while thinking of him and others overseas I come up with this little poem. I hope you enjoy.

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Marines KIA China 1945-1947

Our thanks to Thomas McLeod for his time and effort in compiling this list.

Gilbert, PFC James M., USMCR, 4 December 1945
at Bob Ban Jon, China B/1/29/6th. Div.

Bobbish, GySgt Andrew, USMC, 7 April 1946
of wounds received Lutai, China, A/1/5

Eborn, PFC James D. Jr., USMCR, 21 May 1946
of wounds received on patrol duty in the vicinity of Tientsin, China. H&S Co.1st Marines

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Gunnery Sergeant Levesque

From Semper-Fi to Semper-Eye

Behind the Eye

Gunnery Sergeant Donald A. Levesque (RET) comes from a small town in Massachusetts. In 1962 at the age of almost 19 years old, having three years work experience and being high school dropout, Levesque joined the United States Marines. After graduating from Parris Island, his assignments included "G" Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines at Kanioi Bay, Philippines, C Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines Camp Le Jeune, North Carolina; Drill Instructor at F Company, Second Recruit Training Battalion, Parris Island; and L Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Division, Viet Nam. Serving a little over 7 years at the age of 25, and just completing his eighth combat operation, Gunny claims he received his "blessing of blindness." Yes, on April 10, 1969, at 3:33 p.m., Levesque, with the second-hand on the "3" on his waterproof Timex watch, which he wore on his lapel, took a licking and his watch stopped ticking. He proclaimed, "There must be something above me as to why I'm still kicking."

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Vietnam Marines in Air Force Slop Shoot

Vietnam Marines in Air Force Slop Shoot
Submitted by Dick Overton

One of the Marines in our unit was due to rotate to the world. He had orders but no transportation to DaNang Airbase. So, a few of us procured a “Six-by” and made the trip.

Finding ourselves in culture shock as we arrived on the airbase, living in bunkers just 20 miles up the road, we had to take in all the sights. The base was beautiful to us. Air conditioned buildings, the works. To this day I remember the designation over the front door of the officers club, “The 266 Gunfighters”.

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Marine Quote – Marine By God

Marine By God
Author Unkown

The USMC is over 219 years of romping, stomping, hell, death and destruction. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. We were born in a bomb crater, our mother was an M-16 and our father was the devil.

Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I am a rough looking, roving soldier of the sea. I am cocky, self-centered, overbearing, and I do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green, amphibious monster made of blood and guts who arose from the sea, festering on anti-Americans throughout the globe. Whenever it may arise, and when my time comes, I will die a glorious death on the battle field, giving my life to mom, the Corps, and the American flag.

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USS Cole Poem

Yesterday We Were Parents
by Michelle R. Christman

Yesterday we were parents
We were called mom and dad
I sat and watched the news today
How times over there turned bad

A fear welled up inside me
A chill ran down my spine
The USS Cole was bombed
And she held a son of mine

Fear ripped through my heart
As I searched for any news
Part of me not wanting to know
Part needing to know the truth

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