Facts about the End of WWII in Japan

A History Lesson
By: Ed Fulwider

A few months back you published letters from Janice Miller of San Mateo and Charlie Leonard of Danville regarding V-E Day, V-J Day and the question of when WWII ended. The upcoming ceremonies at golden Gate National Cemetery on 17 February, 2001, to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the Marine’s landing on Iwo Jima started me thinking about some very little known facts about the war’s end.

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Vietnam War – ADAPT

by Karl “Frebus” Frebe

I had some definite reasons to volunteer for the Marine Corps. Since I knew I was about to be drafted, I wanted to be certain of seeing some action, to be the best trained I could be, and surrounded by well-trained people. That left me with one choice, USMC. Since I’m from Ohio, and I wanted to go to the West Coast anyway because I have a brother who is a former Marine living in Southern California, boot camp at San Diego was an added perk.

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Poems provided James Whitson

A Moment in Time (Red Patch Bn.)
by Jeremy Howell

3rd Shore party Bn. A Co.
In the end, I found myself at the “Wall”
there for all the world to see,
asking myself, “why them and not me?”
The many names reminded me of how life was at hand,
to die in a foreign land,
Where life was given, and suddenly taken away,
for freedom has a terrible price,
for the spirit and the flesh,
where lives were thrown away,
like the throw of the dice,
Where the true hero in measured,
didn’t come home at all,
So here I am, standing before the “Wall,”
listening to their voices crying out,
OH America! have you forgotten?
For whom prays for peace more,
than the one who fights the war,
As I stood there with tears on my face,
a lump in my throat,
I could only remember what one great general said,
“Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

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Training for the Corps

Training for the Corps
by Ms.V2Lo

~(A Poem For My Son, Lcpl David)
He’s off to Parris Island where
He’ll train to fight the war.
My son, my heart, a piece of me
Will be a child no more
Before he left I hugged him
Every time he passed me by
I told him that I loved him
As a tear fell from my eye
I’m proud of him, it’s what he wants
I cried and held him tight
And pray to God to keep him strong
Please guide him through the fight
And though I had prepared myself
I never felt such sorrow
As that day he left for boot camp
For we wouldn’t hug tomorrow
And yes I miss him selfishly
But one thing that I’m sure
Is all his dreams are coming true
He’ll soon be in the Corps.

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A Star Spangled Prayer

Dear Sgt. Grit,

As the holidays are approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the chaos that this season brings, and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly people forget about what is really important. Thousands of members of our armed forces our stationed either overseas, or just plain far away from home this Christmas, with no family to celebrate with. I myself have many friends in the various branches, and I know how hard it is for them to be away from home. I wrote this poem last year as a school project, but it turned into a prayer that I keep on my wall, which reminds me daily to pray for our Armed Forces, and to thank them for their sacrifice. I thought I’d share it with you and your readers with the hope that maybe it will inspire or remind them the importance of never taking our freedom and their sacrifice for granted. Wishing you all the best this Christmas season.

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A Mom’s Pride and Fear

A Mom’s Pride and Fear
Kelly Smith

The day you were born, my dear baby boy,
My world filled with delight, and my heart filled with joy.
That face full of innocence, your smile so bright,
I held your life in my arms, as I rocked you each night.
As I’d lay you to sleep, looking down with a tear,
I pondered your future, a mom’s pride and fear.

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Veteran’s Perspective of September 11th

Veteran’s Perspective
Author: Chuck Kurtz USMC 73-77
Written: September 17, 2001

On September 11, 2001 lives were lost.
Not troops on the field of combat.
These were innocent civilians,
At work or just arriving for the day.

Terrorists attacked our country,
By an act so despicable, so dishonorable,
Angering past soldiers who have taken an oath.
An oath to protect our citizens from harm.

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God Bless The Marines

God Bless The Marines
by Hayley Girl, Age 11

God bless the Marines,
Who step between
And my enemies!

I ask myself
“Why do they go?”
Even though
I already know.

They’re protecting
From the world I see.

Oh, what can I do
To help you
How thankful I am to you?

To those who died
In service,
I am respecting
I am reflecting
Upon them!

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