Iraqi Day

Iraqi Day
by Cpl. Christopher Heckroth

The sun breaks through,
Over the Iraqi sand,
But we Marines have long since been awake,
With duty in our hearts and weapons in hand.
The day is long and tedious,
Through the wind, the sand and the sun,
But we stand strong all day long,
No rest until our jobs are done.
The Choppers again fly over,
In the distance explosions again ring true;
But we are no longer even phased,
We’ve been hardened through and through.
We’ve witnessed the SCUD’s raining down,
And seen our savior Patriot Missiles in flight,
Felt the shockwave as they’ve landed,
And have seen the artillery fire by night.
We’ve donned our chemical suits,
And hugged Mother Earth from our holes,
We’ve all silently said our last good-byes,
And yet, have persevered through it all.
We’ve mourned for our brothers who were lost,
Fighting for the country that they love,
They are the true HEROS of this war,
And now sit with God above.
As the sun sets on the horizon
We sit, and laugh and jest,
The sun is down, the air is cool;
This time of daywe like best.
We read our mail if it comes,
And think of those at home & left behind,
Wishing only to hold our loved ones close,
‘Watch over them Lord, and be kind.’
The mail all read and card games ended,
We now lay down to rest,
Tomorrow will be here all too soon,
And our country needs us to once again do and be our best.

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For Whom the Bugle Sounds

For Whom the Bugle Sounds
by Kevin Hussey Sr.

I know this place, the peaceful Scene,
The stones , the flags, the grass so Green
A warm May sun, a bright blue Sky,
Beneath this ground the Heroes Lie.

They come to this place every Year,
To visit Them. , and shed a Tear
For some were young, and some were Old,
Each with a story that should be Told.

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Our Brother The Marine: A Salute

A Salute
by Kelly E. Lee

When you pass by a person in a military uniform, what do you do? Are you filled with pride? Are you filled with anger? Do you even notice them or have a second thought? This is my story about how one young man from Jamestown changed me. A few short weeks ago, I was with my husband and son enjoying a Shakespeare’s pizza after church when we received a phone call informing us of the death of Leon Deraps. Nineteen year old Leon, a Lance Corporal in the Marines, had been deployed to Iraq only three short months ago. My connection to him was somewhat distant, yet it felt close at the same time. His older brother had dated my sister for a lengthy amount of time. Although I only met Leon once or twice, I had heard so many stories from my sister or his brother that I felt as if I knew him. My sister often spoke of what a great kid he was and how she loved to tease him because it drove him crazy. As I sat at the restaurant table finishing my lunch and attending to my young son, my heart began to sink. As I looked at my son, I could not imagine having him in my life for 19 years and then losing him so suddenly without even getting to say “good-bye.” As I drove back home after lunch, the sadness of the situation hit me and I began to cry. This was the first serviceman killed in our fight against terrorism that I had a personal tie to. Until then, each name I heard on the news was faceless and had passed over my ears with little reaction. This is not to say I was not saddened by the lost lives, I just had no connection that would cause me to dwell on them. Leon’s death was different. He was closer. I couldn’t stop thinking of his parents, his brothers, his sisters and everyone else that now had to deal with this harsh reality. I felt as though I wanted to do something to ease their pain although I knew there was little I could do. I sent a sympathy card with a heartfelt note but I wished I could do more. We waited for a few days until they received word of when Leon would be “coming home.” I followed the news reports in the papers and on TV. Some of my family members visited Leon’s family to bring food and show support. I was amazed and proud to see the outpouring of support in Jamestown and all of the surrounding communities. I waited for the day I could go and pay my respects.

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The American Dream

Because WE are Americans
Written by Keith Partney

To be enriched by the passion of Glory
To bear true faith and allegiance to the same
To be entitled to a Declaration of Independence
Of all wealth and cause for Freedom
To thank the lucky stars to be living in a Free Land
Because the flag stands for Freedom and that will never be taken away
Pride of an American Dream
To be known that your Free and to have that Freedom mean something
And to not forget the men and women who gave their lives for your tomorrow
To stand up for your Country and defend the Red, White, and Blue
To a blessed land of knowing boundaries
Unit, Corps, God, Country—-the true meaning
Untouchable Freedom that time has weathered its source
Bearing the knowledge from brother to brother
To achieve the best of all worlds
To introduce new life and the meaning there of
To Conquer and to not be Conquered
Understanding wealth,health,and happiness
On the road to many horizons
Riding the Eagle home to Glory
Raining in on those that take the long way
The meaning of a dollar earned
One Nation for which it stands under One God
Sea to sea and ashes to earth
Glory be the name almighty and true
Watering wonders of undetectable growth
To have, to hold, till death you do apart
Marriage of sorts from birth to new birth
Reincarnation the passion of Glory

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Survival at Tarawa

A Tale of Heroes
By Justin King Edited by Jeremy Rouse

My friends, fellow readers, I would like to spend the time to tell you a story, a story that is as true as the sky is blue. A story of true patriotism, bravery, and actions that had been taken throughout this country's history by the men and women in uniform who have served this country with great honor and pride so that we Americans can live with the freedoms we have today. A story that in my hopes will never be forgotten so that future generations can realize that this is just one of millions of stories of sacrifice, honor, and duty that so many before them have shown in the face of odds that were most definitely stacked against them. A story of a Marine, yet not just any Marine, but my grandfather. A man that I will always be proud of, about whom I will always speak to those who will listen, and who I will always hold in the highest regard.

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Vietnam War – Thirteen Months and a Wake Up

Thirteen Months and a Wake Up
by Pete Riche ©2006

Memories from Peter J. Ritch, USMC 1967- 1970. Viet Nam, 1968-1969 and a member of the USMCVTA.

In 1967, two days after graduating from college and having just received my draft notice in the mail, I beat the draft and joined the Marines. And just as my Marine Recruiter had promised, seven months later I was headed for ?my thirteen months and a wake-up? in Vietnam.

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“The Few, The Proud, The Marines”

A Story of Creation
Author Unknown

In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. In the beginning was God and all else was darkness and void, and without form, so God created the heavens and the earth. He created the sun and the moon, and the stars, so that light might pierce the darkness. The Earth, God divided between the land and the sea and these He filled with many assorted creatures.

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