Humorous Marine Corps Story

Customs and Courtesies vs. Common Sense
Submitted by: Kyle R. Fix, Former SGT, USMC

The following exchange was witnessed when exiting an on-base barber shop at MCAS New River, NC.

An Army Second Lieutenant attempted to verbally reprimand a Marine Sergeant Major for not rendering a hand salute when they crossed paths. The Sergeant Major was wearing his Service Alpha uniform and of course had service stripes up to his elbow. Without even so much as breaking his stride the salty old SGTMAJ replied, ” Take a friggin’ walk on my hash marks, boy!” The embarrassed soldier had the common sense to remain silent and walk away, hopefully taking with him a valuable learning experience.

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Tale of a Dramatic Drill Instructor

D.I. Dramatics
Submitted by: Ron “Tank” Rotunno

Pride in the Marine Corps arose from the depths of Sgt. P.D. Crocket’s soul. You saw it in his eyes when he was singing “The Marine’s Hymn.” He looked like Kate Smith when she sang “God Bless America”. That summer of 1965 was hotter and more humid than usual at Parris Island. Sweat poured off everyone as Crocket realized he had a flair for acting, for the dramatic; even for comedy. But his leadership technique was unique. His goal was indoctrinating the recruits with discipline, and he achieved it one way or another.

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Iraq Story – Another Bridge

Another Bridge
A Personal Account during the War with Iraq

The water came to a rolling boil in the aluminum canteen cup as the sergeant began pouring coffee, sugar, powered cream and cocoa beverage powder into it. The sergeant snickered through the shadow of a three-day beard. 115 degrees and I’m drinking fucking coffee. After much practice he had mastered the balance of instant coffee and the other ingredients to make the perfect caf?-mocha. He removed the drink from a small camp stove that had been rigged to run on diesel fuel and took a sip. A smile graced his lips. Damn, it was good.

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Col. Mike Lowe’s Speech at Quantico

Col. Mike Lowe’s speech at Quantico

Col. Lowe was invited to be a guest speaker at a formal “Dining In” at Basic School at Quantico and who took the time to actually compose a crowd-friendly, entertaining message.

The following are the remarks of Col. Mike Lowe, the Commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico. These remarks are very much to the point and the Colonel held the absolute attention of everyone at the mess. Colonel James M. Lowe
Marine Corps Base Quantico

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Squad Tactics in Fallujah

Squad Tactics in Fallujah
NCO’s combat journal offers look inside squad tactics in Fallujah.
April 25, 2005

Grunt gouge
NCO’s combat journal offers look inside squad tactics in Fallujah

By Laura Bailey
Times staff writer

Perhaps no one was in a better position to see what was going on in the streets and houses of Fallujah last fall than Sgt. Earl Catagnus Jr. and his team of snipers.

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Marine Corps Boot Camp Description

Boot Camp. . . through the eyes of a recruit
Submitted by: Don J. Flickinger Sgt. USMC

Recruit Training, United States Marine Corps, officially comprises three definitive phases. First Phase concentrates on orientation, study of military subjects and physical training. Second Phase includes marksmanship training, combat exercises and long hikes. Third Phase is service week, final polishing and, finally, graduation.

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Sleeping With Snakes

Sleeping With Snakes
By Grady R. Stone
Date of story: 1963
HQ Batt., 1st Bat., 11th Marines, 1st Mar. Div.

During my six-year hitch with the Marines, I had many opportunities to sleep out in the boondocks in all types of terrain, from the sands of the Mojave Desert to the forests of Central America. And also, in all kinds of weather, from rainstorms in the mountains of California to summer nights on Veagus Island in the Caribbean. But the one time that stands out most in my memory, is the time I slept with a snake.

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Clinton’s Loathing Letter

Clinton’s Loathing Letter
by Lt. Col. Michael Mark (Reprinted with permission of Military magazine, 2122 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. A sample copy of Military may be obtained by writing to the above address)

The story on page 6 about Bob Dole as a young man during World War II contrasts dramatically with what is known about Bill Clinton when he was called upon during time of war. Bob Dole served in the infantry with courage and nearly died from wounds received.

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The Lobster Song

Does anyone remember this song?
Submitted by: Steve Bosshard 2095724 ’64-’68 RVN

Sgt. Grit,
In your May 27th Newsletter a Sgt Wackerly BB64 USS Wisconsin ’53-’56 talked about the Lobster Song. I think this might be the one he and his buddies used to sing in the slop chute at Gitmo I was tens later and we used to sing “I’m moving on.” Sample: See Victor Charlie in the grass playing burp gun boogie on my young ass, I’m moving on, I’ll soon be gone.I’m hauling ass I’m getting gas I’ll soon be gone.(or something like that) Does any one out there know all the choruses?

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