He Is My Marine

He Is My Marine
by Stormy (Lynn) Elliott

Strong, polite, loving,
He is my Marine,
I love him with the very depths of my soul,
We share everything,
Good times,bad times,
We never run out of things to say,
H e makes me laugh when I am down,
He holds me close when I cant sleep,
He is my Marine,
My lover, my soul mate, my life long partner,
I hold him close to my heart,
Always there for each other,
Always Faithful,
Always Strong,
He is my Marine,
I would walk to the ends of the earth for him,
He would hold my hand every step of the way,
He is My Marine

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A History of “Old Glory”

The Story of Old Glory
Author Unknown

This famous name was coined by Captain William Driver, a shipmaster of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1831. As he was leaving on one of his many voyages aboard the brig Charles Doggett-and this one would climax with the rescue of the mutineers of the Bounty-some friends presented him with a beautiful flag of twenty four stars. As the banner opened to the ocean breeze for the first time, he exclaimed “Old Glory!”

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Justified Use of the A-bomb

Sorry We Won The War?

(Reprinted with permission of Military magazine, 2122 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. A sample copy of Military may be obtained by writing to the above address)

The apologists, revisionists and the “America is always wrong” crowd have been busy as hell this summer. It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without being told -America was wrong and inhumane for using the A-Bomb on Japan. . . not just by the Japanese, who have yet to even admit they started the war, or did anything wrong. . . but by the bleeding hearts those elitist media snobs have decided are the spokesmen for our conscience.

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Vietnam War – North Dong Ha Incident

16 Rounds of ‘WP’
by GYSGT Edward J. Herterich, USMC (Ret)

(Reprinted with permission of Military magazine, 2122 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. A sample copy of Military may be obtained by writing to the above address)

Over the years as an ‘1811’ tanker it had been drilled into me that the purpose of Marine Corps tanks was to support the infantry.

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Marine Poem

"What Is A Marine"
By: Jessica Torres

What is a marine people ask
It is a special person with a life long task
A person who goes through days and nites of training
No matter if the sun is shining or if its raining
This person works to earn a special name
From the time they join they know life won't be the same
They face alot of things alone
While the ones they love are back at home
They come home then they are gone
Sometimes for awhile, sometimes not so long
They are put in places to fight for our country
Their lives are on the line for us to live free
They are some of many heroes in this world
Whether they are men, women, boys or girls
It takes a special person to make the decision
To fufill the duty and take on this special mission
This person has honor, courage, respect, dignity, and pride
Its a new life, almost like they put theirs aside

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Spirit of America

The Spirit of America
by Erich Hartung

You won't find him on a field,
playing football for some fans;
And you won't hear him on a stage,
singing solo for some band.
You won't see him on TV
entertaining many folks;
And you won't hear him at the club
telling off a bunch of jokes.
Instead you're gonna find him
working hard behind the scenes;
Fighting, sweating and bleeding hard
with United States Marines.
Most of us can't comprehend
of what went through his mind;
Or why he chose to join the Corps
and leave civilian life behind.
When the bullets started flying,
something landed at their feet.
Once they noticed what it was,
they knew their maker they would meet.
But he was forced to make a choice,
a choice to hide or dive.
Being the man that he was,
he chose to save some lives.
As the tears rain down
from the heav'ns up above,
A mother and a father cry
for their son they'll always love.
He was just a child to some,
but a hero to even more;
The bravest of the brave,
devoted to the Corps.
You would find him with his friends
forever standing tall.
But he was just a boy of twenty-two
when called to give his all.
We just don't understand why,
so we just cast our doubts.
But we just don't see that
it's what America's all about.
And as this young man
is laid to final rest,
He fits perfect in formation
with our nation's best.
Lest we not forget
what the Good Lord up above has said,
"Greater love hath no man
than to lay his life down for a friend."

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Just Passing the Time


Don’t worry about me, for all is just fine
Getting so short, now just passing the time.
It has been so long, soon it will be so short
Through it all you have been a true sport.
It was easy , by no means for you,
Like me many times, you have been so blue.
A bed of roses, the home-front is not
You’ve had many problems and I have not forgot.
The waiting was harder for you back at home.
With each knok on the door, each ring on the phone.
A strange voice, is that what you’d hear?
Would it bring you joy, would it bring you tears?
So very much different ,not at all like before.
You worried, you waited, you didn’t know the real score.
To God above, I know that you prayed
and your love for me never swayed.
Your prayers almost answered, soon nolonger we’ll pine
I’m coming home soon, am just passing the time.

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