A Bit of a Ride in the CH53E?

High Flyin Times
By George Kremer

Got to have a small dream realized today and I thought I would share with you.

We are in the middle of the ESPN X-Games, kind of an extreme winter sports competition with skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and motor-cross motorcycles. All in the snow and ice. One of the big sponsors of the event is the United States Marine Corps. They flew out some of their top recruiters for a working vacation along with 2 CH53E helicopters and 2 Cobra attack helicopters. These served as static displays at the event and they did a fly-by over the event itself. Well, needless to say, the Marines were giving rides to the muckity-mucks involved in the event and local government. Nice, round race-track patterns, then back to the airport for another round. Yours truly couldn’t be held back with a team of wild horses and I was taking pictures from the tarmac as I have an airport security pass. Did I mention I just happened to be wearing a certain black ball cap with the Third Recon logo on it and the EGA’s on my uniform collar? Well, Capt. Cambell with the Corps was shooting the breeze with me and asked me if I would like to go up for a bit of a ride in the CH53E?

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Marine Corps S.O.S. Recipes


Submitted by: E. Wickenheiser

It’s said that an Army fights well on a full stomach and the Marine Corps is no exception. Always and foremost, in training or in combat, the breakfast meal is number one. For every “grunt”, “airedale” and/or “pinky” at the start of the workday. Breakfast is the link to “making it” that day, and “a breakfast without SOS is like a day without sunshine.”

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Able Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines

Able Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines
The story of Ron Broward

The Chosin Reservoir:  a key part of the 1st Marine Division's history and the start of Ron Broward's time as a United States Marine. In 1950, the north Koreans were almost successful in using their military to secure the Korean peninsula. A number of strategic-level events stopped them short, such as the rapid build-up of U.S. forces, the overextension of north Korean supply lines, and the cumulative losses the north Koreans suffered after so many days of combat. The surprise American attack through Inchon and into Seoul severed the north’s supply lines and sent them fleeing. American, Republic of Korea (ROK), and UN forces drove them all the way to the Yalu River. That’s when the Chinese intervened.

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Bronze Star Award Approved

Summary of Award Submission

Recommended Award:
Action Period:
Last Updated By:
Last Forwarded To:
Final Approved Award:
Date Approved:
Approved by:

Tyshon T Barfield on 01/31/2004 04:02:06 PM
HQMC Military Awards Branch on 01/31/2004
01/31/2004 04:01:39 PM
James T. Conway, LtGen, Comanding General, I MEF

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Southern Nevada Devil Pups Pictures

Devil Pup Pictures

Dear Sgt. Grit:

I thought you would appreciate some pictures of our Southern Nevada Devil Pups. If your wondering why these kids are sitting at a VFW Bar, they had just finished 4 hours of “spring cleaning” pulling weeds, mopping, scrubbing floors KP duty and cleaned the bathrooms all for our Veterans.

When I saw them all lined up wearing the shirts you donated, I couldn’t resist the “kodak” moment. These kids have volunteered over 826 hours of combined community service and everywhere they went to serve in the community they wore your Sgt. Grit’s t-shirt “I want to be a Devil Pup.”

Southern Nevada will be sending 21 qualified teens to Camp Pendleton on August 4-13th. This is the first year Southern Nevada has gone over our allotted quota. The turnout of kids wanting to participate was overwhelming and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of dedicated teens.

Please once again accept our sincere thanks for your continued support of this most worthy cause. We will continue to wear your name with honor and respect.

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The Little Korean Girl and The Apple

The Little Korean Girl and The Apple
By: Howard E Frasier

Korean children reaching for apple I took three photos late April 1953, which developed into quite a story. I was with Dog Company 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. While we boarded old Japanese built rail cars coupled up to a steam engine, I named the old ?Honey bucket Express? while we were boarding the rail cars old Korean men worked up and down the tracks, oiling all of the moving parts of the engine. Then opening the packing lids on the rail car wheels, and adding oil, letting them close with a loud clang. A tank filled to provide water for the boilers and the coal hopper was shoved full. When that was over one of them swung a signal lantern and we left on a 4 to 6 hour 55-mile ride to the port of Inchon Korea. Where a convoy of ships laid waiting to take us on a MarLEX = Marine Landing EXersizes. She never attained a top speed of over 40-m.p.h. Shortly after we were underway, we ate rations for chow, previously loaded by the service battalion, along with fruit, and treated potable water in five-gallon cans used to refilled canteens. The railcars had rows of wooden seats back to back, bolted down to a bare wooden floor on either side of a center isle there were no toilets, or running water, so we made a number of stops along the way for head calls^, military traffic animal crossings, and other trains. As we traveled through the countryside, Korean people working out in rice fields carried wooden yokes on their shoulders with two buckets hung either side using a gourd dipper, dipping from ?honey buckets?, and pouring it down the rows, it was human excrement.

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Humorous Marine Corps Story

Customs and Courtesies vs. Common Sense
Submitted by: Kyle R. Fix, Former SGT, USMC

The following exchange was witnessed when exiting an on-base barber shop at MCAS New River, NC.

An Army Second Lieutenant attempted to verbally reprimand a Marine Sergeant Major for not rendering a hand salute when they crossed paths. The Sergeant Major was wearing his Service Alpha uniform and of course had service stripes up to his elbow. Without even so much as breaking his stride the salty old SGTMAJ replied, ” Take a friggin’ walk on my hash marks, boy!” The embarrassed soldier had the common sense to remain silent and walk away, hopefully taking with him a valuable learning experience.

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Iraq Story – Another Bridge

Another Bridge
A Personal Account during the War with Iraq

The water came to a rolling boil in the aluminum canteen cup as the sergeant began pouring coffee, sugar, powered cream and cocoa beverage powder into it. The sergeant snickered through the shadow of a three-day beard. 115 degrees and I’m drinking fucking coffee. After much practice he had mastered the balance of instant coffee and the other ingredients to make the perfect caf?-mocha. He removed the drink from a small camp stove that had been rigged to run on diesel fuel and took a sip. A smile graced his lips. Damn, it was good.

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