The Embers Glowed Softly

The Embers Glowed Softly
provided by LCDR Jeff Giles

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.

Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. read more

Cream of the Crop by Gregory A. Phillips

“Cream of the Crop”
By Gregory A. Phillips 5-23-2004

The Cream Of The Crop
The United States Marine Corps

We the few, the proud, the Marines. Hated by the other branches, with the exception of Seabees and Hospital Core Men and Amphibious Ready Groups, and lately Special Op’s of the other branches, we are superb. We did our thing at Bellow Wood, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal and numerous other battle fields. read more

Our Brother The Marine: A Salute

A Salute
by Kelly E. Lee

When you pass by a person in a military uniform, what do you do? Are you filled with pride? Are you filled with anger? Do you even notice them or have a second thought? This is my story about how one young man from Jamestown changed me. A few short weeks ago, I was with my husband and son enjoying a Shakespeare’s pizza after church when we received a phone call informing us of the death of Leon Deraps. Nineteen year old Leon, a Lance Corporal in the Marines, had been deployed to Iraq only three short months ago. My connection to him was somewhat distant, yet it felt close at the same time. His older brother had dated my sister for a lengthy amount of time. Although I only met Leon once or twice, I had heard so many stories from my sister or his brother that I felt as if I knew him. My sister often spoke of what a great kid he was and how she loved to tease him because it drove him crazy. As I sat at the restaurant table finishing my lunch and attending to my young son, my heart began to sink. As I looked at my son, I could not imagine having him in my life for 19 years and then losing him so suddenly without even getting to say “good-bye.” As I drove back home after lunch, the sadness of the situation hit me and I began to cry. This was the first serviceman killed in our fight against terrorism that I had a personal tie to. Until then, each name I heard on the news was faceless and had passed over my ears with little reaction. This is not to say I was not saddened by the lost lives, I just had no connection that would cause me to dwell on them. Leon’s death was different. He was closer. I couldn’t stop thinking of his parents, his brothers, his sisters and everyone else that now had to deal with this harsh reality. I felt as though I wanted to do something to ease their pain although I knew there was little I could do. I sent a sympathy card with a heartfelt note but I wished I could do more. We waited for a few days until they received word of when Leon would be “coming home.” I followed the news reports in the papers and on TV. Some of my family members visited Leon’s family to bring food and show support. I was amazed and proud to see the outpouring of support in Jamestown and all of the surrounding communities. I waited for the day I could go and pay my respects. read more

I Tied A Yellow Ribbon Today

I Tied A Yellow Ribbon Today

Here is a poem that I wrote the other night for my son now serving in the Marines over in the war in Iraq, I think that all parents can relate. Please print if you can.
Thank you
Theresa Walker-Keegan

I tied a yellow ribbon for you today.
You are so far away.
The days come and go without end,
I can’t wait for you to come home again.
When you were born on that December Day.
I prayed to God to never take you away.
A tear rolled down my cheek,
as I looked into your beautilful eyes.
Knowing that one day you might have to go
war, too save all our lives.
And now the future has come true,
As I sit here and write to you.
Iraq is where you are at,
out in the desert in the heat,
sweaty and wearing a big back pack.
You never complain or regret,
the sacrifices that you have made,
or the time you have spent.
Making sure that when I go to bed at night,
I can wake up and see freedom’s light. read more

What Do You Say

What Do You Say

What do you say to a combat vet
When it comes to Memorial Day?
Have a ……happy?…a safe?…a sad?…a memorable?
None of those words can convey…

The emotions inside them….held in check, with the
memories and faces of brothers that gave all.
A human being…not a name that?s written upon a wall.
a life…..not a word that?s spoken at honor roll call. read more

For A Special Marine

For A Special Marine
by a proud Marine Mom

Though we’ll be miles and miles apart
Always know that you are in my Heart
Every single day you’ll be in my prayers
I will think of you always and everywhere
There are only a few of the strong, proud and brave
Who will fight for our freedom the American way
Your mission is grand, and of you I am so proud
Being a Marine earns you the respect of all those around
There will be many tough times, this I know
But of who you are don’t ever let go
You’ve pulled yourself up and turned your life around
Your entire family is so very, very proud
I Love you so much and want for you only the best
So keep your standards high and never settle for less
I love your Smile, your heart and your charm
May God keep you always safe from harm
So I’ll tie a yellow ribbon around the tree
And wait for the day you come safely home to me. read more