Parris Island Reunion Plts 236-237-238-239 From 1962

"Our group of Marines all just got back from our Parris Island Reunion at the end of April 2015. Had another good turn out with about 27 Marines from PLTS 236-237-238 and 239 from L Company 2nd BN. We arrived at P.I. on June 15th and Out Posted on Sept 13th, 1962. After P.I. we then all when to Camp Geiger ITR to Hotel Company. I still have my Company picture of that group of Hotel Company. Then we all went to our assigned MOS's. This is the 2nd Reunion we have held. The first was in 2013 and was our first trip back since 1962 as a group. I am so sorry to see that our old wooden barracks have been replaced with brick ones. We have had a great time at each of these Reunions. They just get better each time we do a Reunion… This year we opened the Reunion for other Marines that wanted to come and got 1 that had been at the Island in 1968 also. He fit right in with our group of Marines. read more

Boot Camp Buddies

In March of 2012 I submitted a story about my foolish act at MCRDPI rifle range back in 1958, which appeared in Sgt Grit newsletter of April 5, 2012. Surprisingly, another member of my boot camp Platoon 281 happened to see it and requested my contact info. After receiving notice from Sgt Grit I promptly and eagerly replied and days later I received an email from that Parris Island "boot camp buddy" Richard "Rich" Robbins on the west coast. We both thought it a little amazing, that after 56 years, we once youthful, 17 year old Marine recruits, now 73 and 74 year old senior (Marine) citizens, were suddenly re-connected by an electronic device called email. Needless to say, this mutually unexpected reunion has been enjoyable for both of us, engaging in nostalgic boot camp recollections and typical USMC scuttlebutt. Comparing notes we find our civilian lives and interests have many similarities, plus we both still adhere to certain Marine Corps habits, such as grabbing our shirt-sides, pulling them tightly-in backward then stuffing them into the backside of our trousers and also, aligning the edges of our shirt-front, belt buckle and zipper flap of our trousers. And don't even think of stepping on our shined (for the most part) shoes. read more

3rd Bn, 5th Marines, Vietnam​

I have been attending the 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, Vietnam reunion for 11 years. For the first 9 years, I was the only one attending from the 81 mm mortar section in which I served. I had not been contact with any member of the section since I rotated back to the states in Aug., 1967. I started a computer search for the section members in 2012. Out of about 25 Marines that I served with, I have located 17. This past year there were 9 of us attending with a promise of 4 others attending in 2015. One of them had died of leukemia and one of those attending had leukemia but was in remission. read more

Looking For 11 Other Marines

I am a past member of the USMC, 5th Com Bt. July 1965 through June 1966. I have attached the picture I took of the Christmas billboard 1965, a picture of our Christmas tree and a picture of the 5th Com. Btn. logo sign.

OK now you know who I am. I am interested in finding 11 other Marines that landed from Japan in DaNang in July 1965 to set up General Walt's Command Center. I have many pictures of the swamp we lived in "Dog Patch" and the area we survived in. read more

Plt 1229, 1970 MCRD San Diego Reunite

Got together with 3 guys I was in Boot Camp with while on a business trip to Louisiana. I have not seen these Marines since March 7, 1970 when we left MCRD San Diego for ITR at Camp Pendelton. Myself and Pvt Randall Axelsen immediately went to Infantry training while the rest of Platoon 1229 enjoyed a couple of week of Mess and Maintenance duty. We got together in LaPlace, LA. read more