Whiskey 2/12 Four Deuce Mortars Vietnam 67,68 & 69 Reunion

This was our first reunion held in Woodbridge Virginia visted the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico Virginia and The Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC and the the Other War Memorials. 15 Marines came to our first reunion and some of the wives joined the reunion. Planned 2015 reunion in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV October 18th 2015. read more

Reunited With Three Of My Vietnam Marine Brothers

Last month on August 14th I had the honor and privilege to reunite with three of my Vietnam Marine brothers in Tomball, Texas. We had not seen each other in 46 years! We traveled from Connecticut, Michigan, California, and Texas. After a few tears and mighty bear hugs we started jowl jacking like it had only been a week since we last met. We laughed and told stories about the funny stuff and practical jokes we did to each other in Chu Lai in 1967 and 1968. read more

VMA(AW)533 Reunion

VMA(AW)533 celebrated a 45 year reunion, celebrating the last combat mission flown by VMA(AW)533, September 27,1969, out of Chu Lai. It was a tremendous reunion held at Cherry Point, that included a base tour sponsored by the base, a wonderful steak fry sponsored by VFW Post 7315 and banquet held at the Havelock Tourist and Event Center. read more

Our Annual Picnic

Thanks to all of you at SGT Grit our picnic last weekend was a huge success! As with every year the SGT Grit raffle and auction items were the highlight and had people drooling over them (even the younger people for which drooling really isn't an age related issue). Next year maybe we should order some bibs for the guests as protection at the prize tables! read more

The Reunion And A Wedding

The Marines of 1969 MCRD San Diego, Platoon 1066 met in Branson, MO once again for our sixth annual reunion on 4-8 June 2014. We were again joined by our two Drill Instructors and their lovely wives. In addition to excellent shows and camaraderie, the highlight of our five days together was my marriage to Denise on 6 June at the Stonegate Glass Chapel. At our wedding banquet on Saturday night all of the great items so generously donated by SGT GRIT were distributed to the attendees to everyone's delight. read more

Marine Warriors

My dear friends, Marine Warriors, SgtMaj John Gallegos, SgtMaj. Gene Overstreet, former SgtMaj of The Marine Corps, and MGySgt Jerry Scoggins, had a great reunion today at the Veterans Memorial in Albuquerque, NM. John and Gene are a part of the "Run For The Wall" motorcycle ride from San Diego to Washington DC with a brief stopover for R&R. read more

TBS Class 6-67 Class Reunion

Attached are several photos of the memorial I put together for the guys KIA from our class. I suspended the dog tags you folks made on a cross bar. Everyone was impressed especially the family members of the fallen. I told the families to take home their guys tag. The memorial was looked at a lot by everyone. We had over 200 class members and family at the reunion. I made sure to tell everyone who did the dog tags. Thank you so much for giving me the deal on those tags. The memorial was a labor of love. read more

Reunion of Hollywood, Plt 2118, June ’69 – Sept ’69, MCRD San Diego

Would like to hear from the Marines of Platoon 2118, MCRD San Diego , summer of '69… also from my fellow A6'ers stationed in Iwakuni and DaNang '70 – '71 , VMA 225 and VMA 242… my contact: scarygary7777@aol.com… served '69 – '73…  read more