It was illegal for E5 and below to be in DaNang without a permit. LCpl Huntsinger and I did not have a permit. Hunt's was and is very "resourceful". We hitched a ride in a three wheeled motorized buggy owned and driven by an AP or UPI reporter. He asked if we had a permit, when we said no, he said get down, hide in the back of the vehicle. He was known by the MP's at the DaNang gate, so they just waved him through. Once through the gate the MP's noticed Hunt's and me crouched in the rear, the chase was on. After a spirited hide and seek race through DaNang the reporter takes us to his apartment. Says he has an appointment and to help our selves to a beer in the fridge, lay low for about 30 minutes, then hit the town, he leaves us in his apartment.

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