“Momma BAM”, Chesty, and Me

My Mother was a WWII "BAM", that's Beautiful American Marine as she always said.  She and my Father both served in ABG-2 overhauling F4Us.  I served '73-'77.  Took her to 8th & I to fullfill a bucket-list wish and we had to good fortune to run into Chesty and his escort.  Once in a lifetime photo opportunity.  Semper Fi, Mom. read more

Dr. Pepper contest Vote for Cpl. Kelsey D.

www.drpepper.com/oneofakind/the_next_one/home   vote for Kelsey D. click on the link above. you are allowed one vote per day.    go to Kelsey's webpage and read her blog for further instructions.  www.kelseydesantis.com     Pass this on let's see if we can get everyone we know voting, let's move Kelsey into the number one position this is for are veterans.                                  No cell phones this must be done on a computer. read more

Past And Present

I was asked by the President of the WMA-HOTX5 group to send in these photos.

I am Cathleen Ursula (Barrientos) Gruetzner. Class of 1979 – MCRD Parris Island, SC. Women Marine Association-Heart of Texas Chapter 5 – Austin, Texas. Veterans of Foreign Wars-Post 4443 -Highland Hills/Oakhill, Texas. Fleet Marine Association-Branch 201 – Austin, Texas. Past Photo: May 1979, and Present Photo: November 2012.  read more

the way marines support one another is inspiring stuff

i come from a long line of marines and am proud to announce my daughter jillian has enlisted into the Corps. jillian has worked for me for the last few years at alpco recycling doing a dirty job while attending college full time. our customers absolutely love her and have been very supportive of her enlisting; many of our customers are veteran marines. today a customer named bill (vietnam vet) comes into alpco with "a present for jill" he gives jill a token he got from a guy….who got it from a guy….  turns out as bill tells the story, this token was purchased in hawaii Dec 4, 1941 by a marine who carried it all through ww2…  that marine passed it to another marine who carried it through korea… that marine passed it to bill who carried it from 1969 to 1975…  and bill has in turn passed it to jillian wishing her good luck in her endeavors…jillian swore to bill she would pass it to another marine someday…  i was beyond words that a customer who has an aquaintance kinda friendship at best with my daughter would pass on something that personally valuable …it was a truly heartwarming moment that i felt a need to share with others read more



I have attached a photo that I have of the first Women Marines taking their oath. At the time, they were designated "Marinettes". 

On the back of the picture is their names and the Captains name performing the ceremony typed in red ink. Dated 1919. Are there any readers that has ever seen this particular picture? It was placed in the sunlight and I copied with my camera. read more


I was perusing the newsletter tonight and ran across a pix of the Mounted Color Guard at Camp Pendleton. I was married to a career Marine who was on the Color Guard and participated in the Rose Parade back in the mid 60's. We went to many parades and camped out with the horses – including making a "pit" toilet for ourselves and the girls.Our daughter Terri, who was barely 13 months old in 1965, walked beneath the stomachs of the horses … and we held our breaths, but they behaved perfectly; including the one who danced down the street when he believed that the line in the middle was going to get up and bite him! Not so for our doxie Lil- Bit, for she ran out to bark at the horses and he kicked her in the head!  She didn't do that again! Our daughter Melodye had a horse that she raced in the barrel races at Camp Pendleton. I have a picture of her that was in the Pendleton Scout. read more

Woman Marine married in Uniform

Sgt. Grit,   You asked for a picture of a woman at her wedding in uniform in the April 14th, #250 issue.  Here are two that I have enclosed of my first husband and I married at the St. John's Lutheran Church in Kailua, Hawaii in 1967, well before your Sgt. Grit business days.  We were both stationed at MCAS Kaneohe.   God's protection over all our brave men and women in the service of our great country.   Semper Fi, Diane Mallory, 1stLt, 63-67, USMC