Ham And MoFos

Ham & MoFos were beyond nasty. Some guys tried to doctor them with hot sauce and/or C-ration cheese. Absolutely nothing could help them other than when they became landfill.

I have seen the first photo many – many times. I have never gazed upon that second photo… and from now on, I will grab the eye bleach before making another sighting. read more

Saipan And Okinawa

Those of us who attended the birthday luncheon this week got to meet Adam Pizzutti who I met on the Honor Flight in May. Some of us took him to lunch later and invited him to this year's birthday lunch.

Yesterday I received three photos of him taken during WWII aboard ship and in Japan. The photos were accompanied with this note: read more

WWII Marines Don’t Get Old… They Get Gritty

The Greatest Generation just keeps amazing…

I have an update for you and your readers about my Uncle Marvin, the WWII Pacific grunt. He celebrated his 90th birthday in June… his son and sister-in-law planned a surprise party for him. Had to make it 3 days after his actual birthday though, it was the first opening in his social calendar! He still works full time too… has to have "play money" for all that socializing! read more

Cpl Chuck Lindberg

Attached are pictures of a Memorial for Cpl. Chuck Lindberg at the American Legion Post in Richfield Minnesota.

Most of us know that Chuck was part of a combat patrol that climbed Mount Surbachi and raised the first of two U.S. flags on the summit during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. He was the last surviving member of both of the Mount Suribachi flag raising events on Feb. 23rd, 1945. It took forever for people to believe he was on the team that raised the first flag. Now the World knows the rest of the story. read more

Rise of the Valiant

The 2015 Major Norman Hatch Award has been awarded to filmmaker Bob Zimmerman, of Tuscola IL, for his documentary Rise of the Valiant. Each year, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation presents a series of awards to both Marines and civilians from around the nation, recognizing their exemplary work in advancing and preserving Marine Corps history. Zimmerman’s film won for Feature Documentary. The 2015 awards were presented during a special ceremony National Museum of the Marine Corps on April 25, 2015. read more

I Just Did My Job

Just like most Marines, I honor all Marines, especially those who served during WW2 and Korea. Recently I had the honor of meeting a Marine from the Battle of Iwo Jima, Pfc. Robert Hensley, 3rd Marine Division. As a Garland Deputy Marshal, I get the chance to meet many citizens during the week. On one occasion 3 months ago I observed a senior citizen entering the lobby of the building I am assigned to. As he got closer, walking slowly with the aid of his cane, I noticed that he was wearing a cover with the Marine Corps Emblem. So I gave him a strong "Semper Fi Marine" greeting! He stopped, straighten up and looked over at me and with a slight smile on his face he returned the greeting! And as almost all Marines do, I asked when he served and what unit he served with. He responded proudly that he is a WW2 Marine and served with the 3rd Marine Division at Iwo Jima. So he stopped next to my desk and we discussed our experiences in the Corps. As you can guess, my part of the conversion was brief and his was a bit longer and more interesting! read more