Reunion time, is just around the corner.

I served as an Marine '66-'72, reaching the rank of SGT. This week I will gather with my fellow Marines from Vietnam. I haven't seen most of them since 1967-1968 when we served in HMM-364, Purple Foxes, a CH 46D Squadron out of MCAF, Tustin in Santa Ana, California.

Our Nam tour was a culmination of months of hard work and training in preparation for combat. Some would not return home to family and friends.

Forty-six years have passed and our lives have been changed in many ways. I went back to school, became a clergyman and for the past forty-three years have ministered in a variety of assignments. A twenty-one year tour as a Navy-Marine Corps Chaplain was the highlight of great experiences.

I look forward to swapping war stories (real or imagined), hoisting a few diet Pepsi's, reviewing old pictures and shedding a few tears for those who have passed away.

My bottom line, time requires that we not neglect the opportunities to unite with those who have been tried by the fires of war, lost in the jungles of emotional conflict, and frightened by the yet to be experiences of tomorrow.


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