Come Home Soon

This is a poem I wrote, had a small card made and laminated when my oldest left for Boot camp…

I remember you as a little boy, walking in your daddy's boots.

How we would all giggle and declare how cute.

 Through the years I watched you grow to be a man,

 And as you leave this time, I wonder of God's plan.

 Now that you are leaving and off to fill another pair.

 I pray that you succeed but mostly for your safe care.

 You are reaching for your future by following your dreams,

 And though time apart will be short, forever it truly seems.

 There has not been much time that we have spent apart,

 But you are and will always be a special place in my heart.

 So come home safely and come home in a little while.

 For time that is spent apart is like a million miles.

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