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  1. My Uncle ” George Hobby ” , from Newark New Jersey, was with the 4th in World War II. HE was a 30 year old Corporal, when they landed on Iwo Jima. He was one every invasion the 4th made. He survived the war, but had issues after the war. IF anyone remembers him, please contact me.

  2. My father in law was in the 4th joining the marines Feb 1942 out of the Bronx, NY. He was on Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima. Was one of the lucky ones, came back happy and grateful. Had a wonderful life and passed at 93 Y.O. We all miss him very much. His name, Robert Tighe, his buddies called him Tiger. Has now lost most if not all his close buddies but if anyone remembers him send me an email.

  3. My father, Joe Radigan< was a buck sargent (E4) in the 4th division during WW2. He made all of the landings and finally landed on Iwo. He came from Hoboken NJ and was first stationed in
    Parris Island at motor t. My parents were married at the chapel on P.I. and then my father was
    shipped out to California. The next stop was Maui in Hawaii. His best friend was John Devlin from Log Island. He also was a buck sgt. I entered the Marine Corps reserve in 1964 and was
    honorably discharged in 1970 as a sgt (E5). My father returned to Maui for a vacation and was
    upset to see that the area that the 4th division occupied was run down and overrun with weeds.
    When he returned home to NJ he wrote a letter to Marine Corps. Years later I went to Maui and found the area cleaned up and a park for kids was created,

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