Confirmed kill

Sgt. Grit,

I have always been very satisfied with your products, and today, that feeling has just been reinforced. While sitting at my computer, I was buzzed by THE biggest house fly that has ever advanced on my location. Knowing that blood makes the grass grow, I began looking for my fly swatter. Aparently, someone in my house didn't want to replace it in it's assigned spot, so I began looking for a weapon of opportunity. After looking for the right tool to despatch this enemy, I found the only thing that would be appropriate. I reached into my shelf on top of my computer desk, grabbed my Sgt Grit catalog, quickly put it into condition 1, and WHACK! 1 swing, 1 kill. They say "The deadliest weapon in this world is a Marine and his rifle". To the house fly, possibly the MOST annoying creature in the world,  it is now "a Marine and his Sgt Grit catalog".

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