Corpsman In Viet Nam

I was a Corpsman in Viet Nam from 9/67 to 9/68.  I was a Delta Med at Dong Ha.  During my tour there I learned to respect the Marines I was with and all who came thru the hospital.

We recently did some remodeling and I had to go to the local building supply center.  When I was checking out, the guy behind the counter had a Marine Corps hat on.  He looked to be my age, so I asked him if he had been someplace hot and dangerous in the 60's.  He had.  I told him that I had been a Corpsman at D-Med and when I had been there. It turns out that he was wounded several times in early '68 and came thru the hospital.  I was in charge of triage at that time and therefore I saw everybody who came thru the doors.  No doubt, I took care of him during one of his trips to see us, if not each time. We have been good friends ever since.

Another story relates to Ltcol Richard H.  We were high school classmates.  At our 20th high school reunion I saw him and didn't recognize him.  He had slimmed down from when we were in school together.  He had been in Viet Nam the same time I was in the same area and I remembered him coming thru the the hospital checking on his men who were wounded.  He was a Capt then.  That is the kind of officer anyone would follow anywhere.


Clarence Day

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