DaNang Ammo dump

I was part of a 12-man team from MP Co. 1st MarDiv taken to Dog Patch and some of the local villages to evac. The civilians. Most memorable was the tear gas as it covered an area as far as you could see. Taking a break that night I was laying on my flak jacket at the entrance of the air base watching cases of ammo being tossed into the sky and blowing up. As I laid there, there was a swoosh next to me. I looked down to see a large chunk of metal, glowing red hot. It was the fuse plug from a 500lb bomb. I tried to take it home but was relieved of it when I hit El Toro,CA. It's ironic as I was able to bring a Chicom rifle and Dagger home but not a twisted chunk of iron.

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  1. I was there in “69 when the ammo dump blew…. what a fireworks display! Rockets flying every which way, bombs going off throwing huge mushroom clouds into the sky and dust and smoke filling the air. I took a lot of slide pictures that day and just recently had them transferred to DVD. I had some great experiences while serving with the Marine Support Battalion and documented much of it with over 1500 slides. Looking at them now brings back a lot of memories. People thank me for my service these days and I tell them it was my honor and that I was proud to have done so. Sgt. USMC, another Proud Marine.

    1. sure would like a copy of your slides. I served with d co 1st mp bn and the gate out of the base was our gate 12 post.

  2. I was down the hill and in a valley I too saw the” DANANG Ammo Dump” Loud explosions, mushroom clouds into the sky. I had several friends assigned to 1st Tanks Div. located next to The Ammo Dump. I found out about a month later all of my friends got away from the ammo Dump alive. We met each other in “Hollywood Marine” boot camp. One of my buddies told me it got tense real fast When they saw a 500lb rolling downhill behind their tank bounce over their tank clearing the top of the tank by a couple of inches, then landed several feet in front of their then bounced off to the side of their tank. I never saw my buddies again.

  3. I was at the transit facility not far away, our compound got destroyed. I was running around with my Kodak instamatic camera and got a bunch of great pictures. I would love to get a copy of your pictures. I don’t have mine on dvd but I can. Semper Fi , Conners, DJ Cpl Usmc 68-70

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