Dear Death

My name is Jerry Collins and I got derailed while doing my homework tonight. I began thinking about some things and before I knew it, I had written what I thought other Marines may also enjoy. I plan on posting it anywhere I can get it posted. A motivational poster maybe? Thanks!

Semper Fi!

Jerry L Collins (Treetop)
USMC 99-06

Dear Death

Dread not the one conceived to come for you
But I, and the forefathers of the wings upon which I stand.
I too shall cast with my brothers
That beautiful and far-reaching shadow of freedom across the lands
So that the young, the old, and the innocent may escape your burning clinch,
Your wretched breath, and your sickening belch.
You will, fall to your demise.
And from one humongo-ginormous deafening echo of thunder
Across the blue skies of our great nation,
I will have rudely intruded, eaten the scraps from your table, slept in your bed,
And hand delivered the confiscation of your last breath.
…Your secret admirer,
United States Marine.

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