Medal of Honor-15
Navy Cross-102
Distinguished Service Star-1
Silver Star-340
Legion Of Merit-11
Distinguished Flying Cross-9
Navy Marine Corps Medal-3
Bronze Star-738
Air Medal-8
Letter of Commendation-95
Purple Heart-9,925


Medal Of Honor-2
Navy Cross-8
Distinguished Service Start-Not Known
Silver Star-81
Legion Of Merit-13
Distinguished Flying Cross-Not Known
Navy Marine Corps Medal-Not Known
Bronze Star-497
Air Medal-Not Known
Letter Of Commendation-Not Known
Purple Heart-Not Known

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  1. I’m looking for 3 Marines that helped me carry our Platoon Sgt back out of fire during the TET Offensive. It was the end of January, 1968. We were M Co., 3/5. His name was Sgt. Randy Gardner (I think); He was already wounded and may have bled out later. For most of my tour I was with M Co. 3/1. After being wounded I was transferred to 3/5. I have thought about Randy for 50 years. When I came over to 3/5 I was made a Squad leader. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA. – Need some help out there!!! Semper Fi!! Made Corporal while over there and Sgt right before I got out

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