Dirty Dick

Dirty Dick

This is a picture of Sgt “Dirty Dick” Leyden (yes he got the name for the reason you’re thinking) and me eating a very good spicy noodle dish at a road side stand not far from the gate of 11th Marines.

Dick got to know some of the villagers near 11th Marines and would take me with him to socialize and eat. The first time he invited me to go he told me to NOT ask what was in the meal. Especially if there was protein/meat in it. He said these people might get protein a couple a times a week in a meal. If they put it in a meal for us, it is a sign of respect. We will not disrespect them by asking what it is.

As Americans know what it is might bring a startled look. He went on to say it might be monkey, snake, dog, cat, pig, fish, etc… I never asked, it was always delicious, especially after a few cups of rice wine. Dirty Dick is the reason I made Sgt

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